Supper with Cockroach

[Saturday, 24 March, 2007]

At the very first minute of the day, I was preparing to go downstairs to meet Kachua for supper. He had just ended his work by then. He treated me to my roti prata and teh tarrik and we had quite a long chat over there. I knew well my plan to sleep early would certainly fail again. Before we left, I helped my brother to buy magi goreng, which cost $3.50, which was more expensive than mee goreng.

I continued my morning with chatting with Mike while I carried on with my usual routine. My ten-buck-per-day project was going smooth. This day, I sought for more ways to expand it and Mike helped me with some advice. We also discussed about his soon-to-come company. I wasted a lot of time trying to set forwarding of emails using my domain name. I slept during daylight again.

During the afternoon after I waked up, life was back to editing of websites. There was no volleyball at Clementi ITE on this day due to a seminar taking place inside the hall. I could have organised an outing but my desperate for money kept me too occupied to think of it earlier. I was basically having no life for months and it was not as if I was making big money.

At night, I had to start playing game in order to keep myself energetic after the whole day’s work.

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