Swim, and the Most Enjoyable Volleyball before Dinner

[Saturday, 17 March, 2007]

Together with vex, lack of sleep and desperation to sleep early, I started work earlier and thus able to go to bed at 2am. Since my younger brother was back from camp, I had to squeeze into the queen size bed with him and my mum. I was not sure why he wanted to sleep in the middle for the second week and he occupied more to the inner size where only a very small space was left for me. I was only able to bury myself into that corner and did not bear to wake him up so that he could sleep a little more to my mum.

I was not sure how long it took for me to wake up with my right arm numbed. Somehow, due to the space constrain, I had slept sideway and forcing my body on the right side. I knew for sure my arm would be a gone case for volleyball in the later part of the day.

A ridiculous incident happened during my sleep again. My mum woke me up to ask if I was having enough space and she offered to join my elder brother in the other room. That was really stupid for she could have done something about it earlier or rather, left me alone when I was already asleep.

My nightmare did not end like that. In the early morning, my younger brother and my mum’s conversation woke me up a decent number of times. By 8.15am, I began to feel helpless. It was almost impossible for me to doze off at the noise level and when I was feeling annoyed. They were my family members after all even though they were so inconsiderate for me, despite the fact I had been doing the opposite.

My irritation gave me an idea to organise a swimming outing to Jurong East Swimming Complex. The first person I could think of was Gilbert of course and he replied me so fast. He tried to get a few people but only Chua Yongcai was available. I tried my luck and messaged more than forty friends but only less than ten of them replied and none of them was free.

We dragged on and decided to meet up at 11.45am and Gilbert was late for a while. Then, we went to Cheers to get some sandwiches and two babes passed by and I was right that they were going to the swimming complex as well. We met up with Yongcai outside the swimming pool.

After going a round in the Lazy Pool (our starter as usual, maybe because the pool was warmest), Yongcai decided to go and get a float. He took out a ten-dollar note but I stopped him before he almost locked the locker again to save the forty cents for him. It took me quite long to explain to him that the float cost only five bucks and that if he were to bring the five bucks over, the person would give him another five bucks back, such that he had to open the locker again.

The day was fine. The weather turned from a little drizzling into a bit sunny. We invaded the Lazy pool with the float and Yongcai did not catch up with us suddenly. Later on, he told us he was looking at two babes who did not move as fast as us. I supposed he was mentioning about the two girls I saw at the MRT station and I did get to see them again but from far and since I did not put on my spectacle, I did not get to admire them again.

We had two or three rounds of waves at the Waves pool. There were a few couples there and they seemed to enjoy hugging together and jumping as the waves approached them. There were also a handful of cute little girls.

My main achievement of the day was to successfully persuade Yongcai to play the yellow slide with me. He was never brave enough to attempt any of the three slides until my mouth was dried. Then, he started to get addicted to it. It was nice crapping with both of them for the entire trip and I got to have a little suntan before we left for my skin was so fair.

Me and Yongcai

Me and Yongcai

Gilbert and Yongcai

Yongcai’s creative phototaking

Smile not nice

Act cool

And more

Act rebellious

Me and Yongcai

At the hawker centre

At the bus-stop

We had photo-taking session at the usual gate and spent quite long time there for Gilbert was not satisfied with Yongcai’s skill. Then, Yongcai introduced us to his favourite chicken rice stall but I did not really like it for the taste of garlic. Afterwards, we took bus 99 to IMM, which was quite meaningless except to get to see some pretty salesgirls at some shops.

Then, I took bus 99 to Clementi ITE straight away and began my volleyball journey for the day. My right arm was indeed giving me big problem like the previous time due to the bad sleeping posture. This day, we had Jingkun, Mingfa, Meijun, Weitat, Jianhao, Junyang, Mingen and Junrong.

During the match with the outsiders, I was disappointed that we had too many people. Both Jingkun and Mingfa wanted me to train as libero but it was really a terrible feeling to get into the court with my digging skill so rusted already. I played as libero in the first set and got to know some disagreement of the team.

One of the uncles had brought his daughter and son along. The daughter was quite cute, whereas the son was tall but could only jump to the height of a vitagen bottle as described by Jingkun.

Later, Mingfa had a little giddy and Junyang got to play as setter when I was finally playing as spiker. I had Jianhao, Jingkun, Weitat, Meijun and Junyang with me and the opponents seemed to belittle us in the absence of Mingfa as the setter. Six of us were not the best players around but we were the most hardworking ones. For me, seeing my team-mates working hard was enough to drive me to put in my best, but the underestimation from the opponents gave me greater determination to play well.

Digging was much better this time. There was once I lost control of the first ball and the second ball
was hit to the back and out of the court, I made to dive and hook the ball to the opponent’s court with just one hand. Despite having pain on the joint of my right shoulder, I managed to spike from number four to near opponent’s number three-metre line at number four. The rest of the spikes were well delivered over to the opponent’s court without any careless mistake.

Mingen had left to meet up with Tiffany. Then, Jianhao sent Weitat home to get his car before he went to fetch his girlfriend. At the absence of both the tallest and agile spikers, we continued to dominate the court with our team’s fighting spirit.

Weitat returned soon to join us in the last enjoyable game and I had to play as libero again. Everyone continued to persist on. Even though we lost many points at first but we soon fought back and maintained our unbeaten-able title for the night. Of course, if the opponents were at their younger ages, we would have lost most of the matches.

We had to pack up the hall and rearrange all the furniture to the drawn map at the end of the game. It was due to the event that the Tuesday and Thursday games had to be cancelled. Jianhao was asking us to decide on the place for dinner upon his return during our last game, but when some of us mentioned the east side, he gave negative. In the end, some of them were quite pissed for we knew he already had some places to decide on and yet he kept asking us the obvious. And since there were only two cars including his, we had to follow his recommendation.

We went to NUS’s prata shop. Weitat was horned by a car behind before we could find a parking space. Later on, we turned into the private houses behind and stopped there while contacting Jianhao’s side. Suddenly, the same car arrived and horned us again even though there was sufficient space for that driver to pass through. It was just an example of rich assholes trying to show off their big Mercedes cars. Soon, we decided to go back and park at the roadside opposite the shops.

We went to the shop selling nasi lemak but none of the food gave me the craving. Jingkun and I went over to the prata shop instead and ordered our own food. We had lots of nice jokes and I did not mind hanging with them even though it was getting late and I knew I had to finish many things before sleeping every night.

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