Ten Bucks Shaking

[Monday, 19 March, 2007]

It was a pathetic morning to see my ten-dollar-per-day plan reducing its value. Actually I had expected it but never knew it would be so soon. I got to be more innovative! I did manage to sleep at around 4am after having a game of Condition Zero with my elder brother.

In the day, I was pretty distracted again from my family. I started off with web design but did not really like to do anything when I was not alone. I cherished my privacy too much. I had a few rounds of Condition Zero with my brother again to relief my stress.

Kelly called me and told me I had to let Kaven re-sign some documents and that added loads to my brain; we had been troubling Kaven quite a number of times, which would certainly give him bad impression of our service. But this time, it was not within our measures.

The MP came to visit every house in my block and then I realised they come just to persuade every household to give positive reply in regarding the upgrading of lift; it was quite a big turn-off as I was expecting them to seek feedback for our living condition. Many people guessed it was impossible for my block to proceed even if the result of the voting was for it due to the structure of the building.

At night was a bit of chatting and of course, not initiated by me as I was already dying of stress. My elder brother started to clean and change water for the big fish tank. Finally, he managed to get rid of the pest inside the tank after clearing most of the items inside.

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