The Chicken Tortoise Was Back

[Wednesday, 14 March, 2007]

The repeated old show on channel 8 was nice. I had a rare chat initiated by Ruoci and I started bombarding her for not replying to my message the day before when I was at Bedok. At times, I felt like deleting the contacts on my phone of friends who did not bother about me. It took me long to finish up my work and thus slept late again.

I was eventually waken up by Kelly who told me to do SD as soon as possible for the block 219 Ang Mo Kio flat but since I knew it was not very urgent, I told her I would probably do it some other days. To me, it was stupid to go all the way down to Bukit Merah HDB branch office just to do it and I would prefer to do it on the way if I had to go to the office.

I woke up around noon eventually and saw Suimin’s Friendster being updated and I knew this chicken-tortoise had returned to Singapore. She could have sent me a SMS once she touched down from the plane.

Justus came over to my house and bugged me for very long with his Chinese assessment book. His mum had given him so many pages of work and it drained me off. He could have tried them before approaching me but again he chose to do everything in my presence and with my companion so that he could chat at the same time.

Anyway, I saw Suimin online in MSN and thought she would be very busy but she messaged me some time later, however, to ask me to find songs for her again. For the rest of the day, I became her translator for she was so enthusiastic to chat online with her China friends. She called me a few times over the phone and the main purpose was simply to ask questions. I finally received the photos taken with her at the airport but they were all too blurred, which was really saddening.

While entertaining her, I spent my time wisely to edit my property website by editing the graphic but progress was not good. The ear piece saved me from my starvation that I was able to take my dinner while helping her with the translation while my brain was in good condition.

Time seemed to pass by very quickly and by the end of the day when Mike messaged me in MSN, I had to admit to him that nothing much was done for the day. I really should work more selfishly towards my goals without being interrupted by anyone, inclusive of babes. The main problem of course lay in me for I had always begun everything so enthusiastically but towards a quarter to completion, I started to slow down with too many things brooding over me.

I was supposed to join the volleyball gang the next day but Kaven’s flat exercising was fitted nicely at 8pm, such that I could not appear at both Clementi and Hougang at the same time. The plan to go for dinner at Newton after the volleyball game had vanished from my calendar.

The struggle of the decision to my path of life continued but again, to no avail. At least I should switch to a better company. It was difficult to work without transportation and hardworking attitude alone was useless when there was no gut. Sincerity and honestly were burying me away from light.

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