They Both Flew Off

[Tuesday, 06 March, 2007]

I was a good boy and thus I slept early. I went to bed at around 2am and was waked up by Gilbert’s SMS at 8am and thereafter, I could not doze off again. I checked my phone at 9am and realised the alarm had sounded but there was no noise at all. The panadols I consumed before sleeping did me good.

I was quite disappointed to see the empty table for my mum had told me she wanted to get me “zhu chang fen” after returning home. She came back late and I only got to eat it at around 10am.

I went to Ghim Moh to meet Kailin and before I left the house, Suimin called me. I could not find Kailin at the Ghim Moh bus interchange and later realised she was at Holland Village. Since I was a foreigner at that place, it took me quite long to find her. By then I was in bad sweat. I did not take any food except for the rojak, which I almost could not finish it.

Lulu called me twice and I really wanted to shout over the phone for her attitude really sucked. She did not do Uncle Sam’s house properly while he was away and now she expected the tenants to take over it.

After the lunch with Kailin, I took bus 198 down to Queensway Shopping Centre to get the FBT shorts for Suimin. I went to check out the flat at Hoe Chiang Road afterwards and realised the condition was still not satisfying enough.

Upon reaching home, Justus came over to get helps from me. He was able to do his own work but was seeking for companion. Luckily for this day, he was less distracted and thus time was well spent.

Rich boy boy threatening the cabs to stop

Suimin called me and wanted me to meet her straight at Eunos instead of the Airport. It was so rush for me and I actually got there earlier than her. She behaved so much like a “boyboy” at times but her punches were peanuts. We went to the provision shop to get some of her stuff. It was nice crapping around with her, but however, she lied to me again and we did not take photos together. I accompanied this rich chicken to the roadside to take cab.

Just when I was at Tanjong Pagar MRT station, it was pouring heavily. I waited for the rain to subside before walking home, but was of course drenched still. I took my bath again and left my house at 8pm to proceed to the airport.

At the airport

After reaching there at 9pm sharp, I could not get hold of the chicken. She did not even reply my SMS until around thirty-five minutes later, she finally answered my call. She was with her mum and brother and a few of her friends, and basically, I was kind of being ignored somehow. It was pretty obvious she was quite shy but at least we got to take photos together. Around twenty-five minutes later, she told me to leave before her schoolmates arrived.

Journey home was crowded since Exports. Maybe there was a big sale over there?

This was a sad day for both Kaven and Suimin had left Singapore. Kaven was kind of my model to be a successful gentleman and Suimin was the only asshole who would laugh insanely with me. And I would have to spend the whole week without having anyone to accompany me to vent my anger or be crazy.

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