Training at Clementi ITE

[Thursday, 29 March, 2007]

I started this day with a bit of nodding but the television kept me awake while updating my sites. Luckily for my mum went into the room to watch it, such that she was able to leave me in peace to concentrate more on my work. My sleeping clock worsened once again and I went to bed at 7am.

I waked up at around 2pm. Later, I gave a call to my brother’s friend who wanted to purchase a house. I started calling Anqi who did not pick up the calls and my numerous efforts went in vain. Xinyi and Mingli could not make it for the volleyball session.

I left my house lazily, taking the crowded train at around 6.30pm. A primary school boy irritated me so much by coughing right at me many times despite staring at him. He had no basic manner at all to cover up his mouth, which put his school down, but unfortunately I was not able to see his badge clearly.

I went to the cake shop to get a pizza bun, which was a wrong choice. It got my hands in a mess for the bottom sticked tightly to the alumina paper and the dissatisfaction caused a little uncomfortable to my chest somehow.

I reached Clementi ITE after 7pm and Mingfa’s cab happened to arrive at the same time. We were only fated to train with eight persons. It was totally not my digging day. It was probably due to sleeping late that I could not concentrate at all. Free spike was much better. We had some training and at the end, we played four versus four. We all agreed that training and playing among ourselves was much better than fooling around with those attitude outsiders.

Dinner was at the Clementi’s coffee shop. Jingkun was so considerate that he got Weitat and Kok Chiang to leave Clementi ITE earlier and allowed Mingfa and I to take Wilson’s car for the RX8 could only ferry three passengers. Since it was already ten plus, the stall did not want to take order for chicken chop anymore and I bought half spring chicken, which was quite satisfying at four bucks. Jianhao and his girlfriend joined us soon.

I was lucky that Wilson was going down to Clarke Quay to meet up with his friends that he sent me home once again. Since both of us were already tired, we did not talk much until end of the journey.

It was nearly 12am and I met my elder brother at the lift. I could only catch the last few minutes of my “Zou Xiang Gong He” on channel 8.

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