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[Thursday, 01 March, 2007]

It was a morning when inspiration died off me again. I woke up around noon and started calling the agents for appointment time. One of them told me he would like to make the appointment during weekends and I was actually quite pissed off for he could have just let me know earlier. Another two made me hold on.

This afternoon was another bad day for Justus came over with Chinese book review. He did not put in enough effort and even wanted me to choose the book for him to write about.

I had bad news from Kelly about Lulu and Uncle Sam, and just as expected, we were kind of being backstabbed.

Finally I got confirmation from an agent and just then, Kaven told me he had made his own appointment. My sky almost turned dark for it took me lots of effort to make it work. However, he assured me the timing was alright but I had to cancel another appointment at 7pm.

I walked to Hong Leong Building again to meet up with Kaven. He picked up his sister on the way and we proceeded on in the traffic jam. I did not go up to the first flat which he had arranged for himself. Afterwards, we rushed over to block 421 but the agent was late and I felt quite awkward even though it was not my fault. Then, we proceeded to the cheater agent’s flats and I did not go up as well since her runner had seen me before.

At the end of the viewings, we went to Hougang Mall and since many of the restaurants were closing, we picked one without much consideration. It was very expensive and Kaven offered to pay for me the fourth time but I had to reject him. I ordered a chicken set which cost nearly $10. it came in a hot plate style and it was like having barbecue and we were soaked with the oily smell in the end.

Kelly came down and luckily for her, we had more information and that really proved how lousy I was. Anyway, in the end, Kaven’s enthusiastic about that unit was killed by the delay of lift upgrading.

It was around 10.30pm when Kaven sent me and his sister off. He dropped his sister at Boon Keng before sending me home.

Once I got home, I realised Suimin had messaged me in MSN and she sounded urgent. I called her back immediately but I guessed she was busy on the phone already. Once again she told me she would call me back but she did not!

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