An Irritated Dinner

[Sunday, 29 April, 2007]

I received a call from Mingfa to go for supper at Geylang. Soon, they arrived in Weitat’s car and we went to the “You Tiao Da Wang” again. After that, they decided to go home straight away and thus I had takeaway for my family. Suddenly, they started to talk about Mustafa and we proceeded to it.

We thought Weitat’s parking skill had improved but he actually did not park within the box.

Weitat promised to leave the place in half an hour’s time but he stayed at the watch department for as long as that to pick a watch for his dad. I was not sure if they were rushing off just because they did not want my food to turn cold or simply they were tired. For me, I was actually stoning.

I reached home after 2am and everyone had already dozed off. My mum had to wake my younger brother up and I felt quite guilty when I actually meant well to get them the supper. I started updating my resume and until hours later, I realised Carol had attached one for me in her previous email. Since Gmail grouped emails with similar topics together, I thought that was attached by me until I was bored and downloaded it. I was so stunned for it was nicely done with most of my information from my original one inside. It was then I realised we could use a “comment” feature in Microsoft Word. I added in more details and finally went to sleep after 7am.

Kaven waked me up after 1pm as he was bored during the journey home from his office. Later on, I started checking emails and other daily stuffs. I did a quick blogging and when I was still in a daze mood, caught by my weariness, Ou Xiang messaged me and insisted me to help her do a financial planning to get her future house. I was very stunned and it took me very long to refer to the lecture notes and finally gave her an estimated sum of money. The lecture notes were very handy.

Just after my mum called me to check if I were going out, I messaged Mingfa and he told me they were going to Bukit Panjang for dinner instead of having steamboat at Tiong Bahru. I was quite turned off for it was far and inconvenience. They seemed to have forgotten about me for if I did not SMS Mingfa, I would probably be waiting at home till the sun fully retreated.

When Ou Xiang kindly suggested having dinner with me at Tiong Bahru market, my mum called me again and told me to dine downstairs with her friend. That friend was an old lady and always insisted to foot the bill and even give money to my brothers and me. I was lazy to go down and did not like the idea of being treated by the kind old lady or dining with outsiders, but slowly dragged myself out of my house. My mum even asked my brother to ring me again to hurry me down. Since I always did cancelling of call and then using my house’s phone to call back everyone to save their phone bills, all the calls from my mum was very irritating for I had to do all the dirty jobs of calling her back whenever she wanted to tell me useless stuffs.

Everything was fine at first until I could not find my slippers. The first thing that came to my mind was my younger brother had taken them. To anyone, it was a small issue but I was very irritated by it. I wanted and I needed to own my very own pair of slippers, even though it cost only around two bucks. He had his own pairs of slippers and what insane thoughts were on his mind that he had to use mine? I supposed he had not tasted the feeling of when he was just about to leave the house to find he had no correct footwear to fit his destination. Taking without asking was stealing, and since I was at home all along, he could have at least asked me before taking my things.

I wanted to go back into my house, lock the door and continue with my work but considering that an outsider was waiting there for me, I decided not to make a big fuss out of it. I had to dig out a pair of old sandals instead and set off without caring how much dust was hanging onto it.

I did not talk much during the dinner. Even though my hairdresser was sitting over the next table, I only got to see her when she came over with her husband. Nobody had sensed my irritation. Since it was useless to sound out since it was already not the first time, I was thinking of buying more pairs of the cheap slippers and put around my messy and packed house to protest about it; I probably needed at least two pairs of slippers no matter how many pairs my younger brother owned.

After the dinner, my mum went to collect the free ticket of winning numbers for 4D and I slowly paced off. I did not hold on to the lift for them since there was an outsider inside. I purposely placed my sandals near the gate as they would hinder the opening of the gate. I preferred so much to wear slippers and thus I would not be touching the sandals, and would definitely leave them lying around instead of putting them back into the shelf.

I started watching television while touching up my property site.

Hello Stagmont Camp

Since I had lost my password and did not even know my user ID, I called them to retrieve back the password. It was a computer operated line and I had to press numbers until the second stage of the game, I got lost. The terms they used were aliens to me and I decided to drop them an email instead. A man rang me up very soon and asked for my details to identify myself before telling me he would email me my password. I checked my email and realised they had already emailed me.

I finally logged into the NS Portal website and update my particulars. I went to check my medical status.

Booking Type : Medical Review
Sub Visit Type : Medical Review
Date : 17/05/2007
Time : 14:25H
Self-Initiated : No

I’m going back to Stagmont Camp again. Hopefully by then the MO is not a fucked up one like the previous hamster-look-alike.

Shopping With Gilberto

[Saturday, 28 April, 2007]

I was sinned for I played Condition Zero with my elder brother until 6am. Gilbert waked me up at around noon time. I started a little work and finally when I was inside the toilet, he messaged me that he was on the way to town. I started wearing the shirt and shutting down my computer while waiting for his next reply on the exact place to meet.

As I was rushing down, I started exchanging worthless SMS to argue with Gilbert that I was not late; in fact, we did not agree on a time except that he told me he would be there in less than half an hour’s time and I needed around that time to walk and wait for the train. I dashed out of the train and realised I was only at Dhoby Ghaut after running up the stairs, which was too late. In the end, I had to wait for another train just to go to Somerset MRT.

Gilbert brought me to the S11 food court next to Cuppage. We had our brunch there before going to Centre Point. We were trying to search for the G2000 shop, which was indicated inside the directory but could never find it. One thing really bad about the place was the labelling of the numbers for not all shops was displaying them. We went back to the Crocodile shop like previous time and Gilbert tried some clothing before buying. We walked around before going to Robinson and I was fantasized by a luminous signboard with the beautiful sunlight hitting through it. There were quite a number of babes around as well.

After that, we took train to Central, the new shopping centre at Clarke Quay. Just as Gilbert was mentioning about a Japanese-dressed girl, I was feeling so disgusting about that and Jianhao’s girlfriend called for me and I was unable to retrieve my soul from the shock that I reacted very slow. Just as Gilbert was shopping around, I was looking at all the fantastic designs of the shops.

It was around 4.30pm when we parted there. I crossed over two roads to take bus 80 home. I had some short naps and spent my time updating my sites. The television did distract me a bit.

Miss 杜十娘

The title itself gives us a very trendy feeling about the show, telling us the plot is about the China olden days.

The preview during commercial breaks had indirectly promised me that it was a comedy show and I was looking forward to watch it to relax my mind. This show was finally being broadcasted on MediaCorp channel 8 on Saturday 28 April, 2007.

At the start, a plump lady appeared with spectacle to try to navigate the story. It was a turn off but I presumed it was the scriptwriter’s plot to stimulate the suspension of the audience. The scene was at a prostitution house and the prostitutes started singing and dancing, and the music seemed quite stylish.

Du Shi Niang was the most popular prostitute there and she fell in love with a cute guy who was dragged there by his classmate; the sparkle was absurd for there was not sign of any intelligent conversation to make them so attracted to each other. He started staying there for days until he finished all his money. The Mamasan was tricked by Du Shi Niang to promise the guy to allow him to redeem her with just one thousand “liang”, which was easily afforded by Du Shi Niang. The guy left in despair like those usual devoted lovers in shows to search for money but all he did was approaching his classmate before he gave up. Du Shi Niang managed to find him on the last day of the vow and used her maid to test his sincerity by stripping and throwing herself at him. Du Shi Niang appeared just in time before he could react and his devotion was somewhat proven by her; fancy she was supposed to be smarter than the famous empress “Wu Zhe Tian”. By then, I was expecting for the first humorous plot to come out but I was kept in suspend again. The guy secretly went to the maid and told her to wait for him and I thought it was his turn to test Du Shi Niang. He brought Du Shi Niang to his hometown but left her inside the boat. Just as he went drinking with another perverted rich classmate to drunk his sorrow after his family denied Du Shi Niang, his dad went to the boat and scolded her in dialect which she did not understand. The language however promised me it was a comedy and I was waiting more firmly for the twist. The guy returned to Du Shi Niang and told her he had sold her to his perverted classmate since he was not rich enough to support her, which was a turn off. I told my younger brother the guy was plotting to test her back but until Du Shi Niang promised to marry the pervert and finally jumped into the sea, with the guy not jumping down to save her, I was stunned. By then, I expected the story told by the Mamasan was false but the story went on. Du Shi Niang returned to the prostitution house in a mess when she was supposed to be dead for she seemed to be submerged into the water after she jumped and there was no sign of her knowing how to swim; even if she could swim, she could never hold her breath so long under the water. The worst thing was that she had brought along her treasure box which was empty because she could have grabbed some of her jewellery inside the water than to save her bulky and heavy treasure box. Just as I was expecting the guy to return to the prostitution house and shout “Gotcha!” and the show ended.

It is a wasted show, conning all the viewers of their time. This low budget show not only has a lousy and dragging story, which has no value, it also does not provide any entertainment as well. The most interesting thing about the show is sadly, only the music. It is out of point and the characters are not properly designed. Du Shi Niang is supposed to be very smart but she turns out so stupid and whereas for the heartless guy, he is supposed to be very devoted and dumb for no heartless guy will get so despair for the girl but ends up giving her up so easily. This show simply implies that chicken can bark and fish can walk on the ground.

Lastly, it should be filmed as a documentary show instead and shit all the director and scriptwriter.

Redhill Close Rental No More

[Friday, 27 April, 2007]

Since my brother was not home, I went to sleep after 4am after work. It took some time to doze off like usual.

I waked up at 2pm and actually thought it was still early. Since I had “ordered” half boiled eggs from my mum before sleeping, I thought she was preparing it in the kitchen. I looked at the clock and realised it was already afternoon.

My mum arrived with her friend when I had just powered up the system. My eyes were still very tired and they passed letters for me to read. I got to have my eggs soon and my mum claimed that she did not want to wake me up in the morning when she had almost done that everyday.

I spent very long time updating the outdated photos for my previous blog entries. In the late evening, I gave a call to the Redhill Close flat owners and the auntie told me she wanted to rent her room out to her neighbour’s China friends; I had wasted so much time all the while.

I went for a late night jog finally after so long. The motivation was from the upcoming Rip Curl beach volleyball championship; it began with the intention of having fun but somehow it turned out to be a struggle for a special attention.

Viewing At Redhill Close Again

[Thursday, 26 April, 2007]

I had a few games of Condition Zero with my elder brother before starting into a little work, sleeping at 6am. I had a weird dream with secret missions and met Karin on the way; she looked so much like a little girl and did not recognise me.

I was waked up by phone as usual and finally got up at 2pm. It was another dull afternoon. Irene called me to change the time of viewing the Redhill flat and I agreed to meet her up at 6.15pm instead of 6.30pm. After leaving the house, she suddenly told me to change back the time.

I reached Redhill MRT right after 6pm. At least I was able to look at girls over there. There was a cute VJC girl who talked quite loudly and sat at the stairs near me. Her friend who arrived to meet her up was pretty. Not to be missed out, there was another babe who was alone. She was later freaked off by an old Indian man who went around shaking everyone’s hands.

Irene reached at around 7pm. I was glad when she passed me her namecard for that showed her politeness for me and not just treating me as any crook agent. I started swearing when the uncle started talking this time and he was asking for $450 when I had already come to a term with the auntie at $400. Irene looked very Singaporean and I was afraid that she would mind the condition of the house a lot. She wanted to leave very early but the old friendly couple continued to talk. On the way to the MRT station, she told me she was fine with the condition of the house but not the area. I waited for her to contact her family and friends before parting from her.

I took bus 145 home instead of train again. Since there were quite a number of passengers, I did not want to “fight” over seats with them and chose to stand. There was a cute girl boarding the same bus as well and soon she alighted at Henderson road. I concluded that Telok Blangah Height housed most of the babes in the south of Singapore. Or perhaps, there was more things to see to.

Dinner – Fried rice with chicken wing for only $2

Work resumed after reaching home. Since my elder brother was at chalet, I could concentrate better when I was home alone.

There Goes the Days

Where are the days we go down to the beach and have countless matches against outsiders to battle for the usage of the volleyball courts, having dinner together at the hawker and planning to go for late karaoke sessions?

Where are the days we gather somewhere and drink to our hearts’ contents, though nothing meaningful is done, we are spending time together and lie around, vomiting around One Fullerton?

Where are the days we gather at BMCC and have to divide ourselves into three or even four groups to fill our Sunday with our favourite sport – volleyball?

Where are the days big group of us just roam around shopping centres, watching movies together and worrying about how to go home after midnight?

Most of us have long forgotten about all the happy days but I can never.

Being busy is not a valid excuse. It is how much you value the group of friends that you will not spend your entire time on school, work, relationship or even other friends. There is a limit that I can do even if I’m willing to spend time to approach everyone one by one.

Perhaps, everyone should move on with their lives, including me; and I cannot, that is why I’m still a failure.

My Mum’s Birthday

[Wednesday, 25 April, 2007]

It seemed that my sleeping time was kind of fixed at 5am. Lijie waked me up to tell me of a tenant who was interested in renting a room but since the Jurong East’s house owners were not back yet, I did not give them a call until I confirmed it. Later on, my mum waked me up as usual just to check if I was home when she knew I slept very late and she had always interrupted me from my sleep. Somehow, Ruoci appeared in my dream.

I waked up at 2pm eventually and started working. “shares price” had fallen a lot and it was very discouraging. There was an SMS for co-broke of Redhill flat but since it was shared between Jianhao and me, I replied no and apologised. I finally made an arrangement for viewing at Redhill for the next day.

I had dinner with my mum, elder brother and his girlfriend at the coffee shop downstairs. I just realised the place was bought over by S11 also. It was pouring very heavily and we changed a few tables. We had a few simple dishes and my guess for the price was the worst of all. This time, my brother and I split the bill. We went to the NTUC fair price to get some food before going home.

I talked to my brother and came to a term that we should contribute the money for the massaging chair with my younger brother since it would be wasteful to spend money on other stuffs; it was not fair for him to fork out so much when he was the youngest.

I resumed my work. Jenrine informed me of the good news that she was accepted by NTU.

Submitted Registration for Rip Curl Beach Volleyball Championship

[Tuesday, 24 April, 2007]

I slept at 5am this day and waked up at 10.30am. Unfortunately, soon after going back to sleep, I was waked up by Kaven. My brain cells were on strike at the moment and when he was asking for his new house’s address, I did not know where to find it. It was after we put down the long distance call (he was at either Thailand or Korea), I found the address in my phone’s inbox and forwarded to him.

At 3pm, I finally waked up again. I was bended on settling the Rip Curl competition stuff by this day. In my mind, I was quite worried that I could not make it on the day of competition myself due to my work as property agent.

Since the date and time for Block 219 Ang Mo Kio was not confirmed, I tried to call Penis Seah to confirm it. This time, he finally picked up the phone but started to accuse me that I should know the date. He was an experienced agent and should know that JTC’s resale flats were different from the usual open market’s resale flat; it was such a shame of him to deny everything and refuse to simply state the date and time. He had cheated half of my commission and yet he did not have a little guilt. This type of crooks was still in the market, which made me very disappointed in this line.

I made a call to Ying Ying before leaving the house as to confirm her name and shirt size. Since she was working in Singtel, I started crapping with her about signing up a new at first and she got so confused. After putting down the phone, Jenrine called me and only then I realised Ying Ying did not know that was from me.

I went to Vivocity once again. I went directly to the Rip Curl shop and the staff thought I was going to submit the registration form immediately but I told her to get me another three of them. I started filling up for the two teams. The cute girl was around but I realised her makeup was thick. As I was rushing to settle everything, Weitat called me to inform me that he was taking the train and could not wait for me. Therefore, I dropped the idea of following him to Jurong West to watch his inter constituency match.

Before leaving the shop, the cute girl was back to the counter and we exchanged smiles. I went to the Sky Garden to take a little walk by myself. The shops were all up and what impressed most was the “Planet Fitness” fitness centre, which was facing the sea.

I did not stay for very long for I knew I had many tasks to accomplish. I took a long rest at home but the backache refused to go away; it appeared out of nowhere since weeks ago.

Jianhao did many checking on me to call up the potential tenant for the Redhill rental but I could not locate the owners. Later on was all my usual updating of websites.

Bukit Timah with Jianhao

[Monday, 23 April, 2007]

Work had beaten my sleep once again and I even got to have my breakfast. Even though I went to sleep at 1pm, I got up at 3pm somehow. Jianhao had some viewings and wanted to meet me in a few hours’ time and thus I had a busy time.

I finally sent an email to the organiser of the Rip Curl beach volleyball companionship and I was very glad to receive the quick reply within an hour. It began raining just before I left the house. I was disappointed to see that my three formal shirts were not inside my wardrobe.

Main door

Living room

Living room

View from balcony

Balcony besides living room

Kitchen with new wall cabinet

“wet” kitchen

View from kitchen (South)

Master bedroom

Attached bathroom

The sink

1st common room

2nd common room with semi attached bathroom (common bathroom)

Common bathroom joined to 2nd common room and living room

It was pouring very heavily at Clementi and I only got to meet Jianhao at the void deck of the nearest flat. He drove me to a petrol station then and bought some drinks. Then, we went to the house at Bukit Timah, which was as huge as over 1700 square feet. We started opening all the windows and cleaning up the place. Afterwards, we started watching television and despite sleeping only for two hours, I was able to keep myself awake.

The first pair of viewers was two Indonesian girls. The girl who was going to rent the place had actually stayed in Singapore since secondary school days. Even though she was not pretty and that she did not have good figure, she possessed a hidden charm. She was interested in the house but later on, her brother who stayed nearby turned it down since it was a quiet place.

The second group of viewers were a family of three. The cute little boy was going to the nearby school and that was the reason why they wanted to rent a house at that area. They seemed very interested for they asked quite a number of questions.

Three viewing was together with an agent who was late. He brought a couple up. He passed me his namecard and thus I had to exchange mine with him; I did not want to do it since I was merely helping Jianhao.

We closed shop at around 9pm and went to Orchard to pick up Jianhao’s girlfriend. We stopped right outside Takashimaya, opposite the taxi stand until one of the security guard walked towards us, we made another round about the place and finally saw his girlfriend.

We went to Tiong Bahru for dinner. We were very amazing with the menu for they only categorized the food as “Chicken”, “Vegetable” and “Dou Fu”. I found duck under “Chicken” section. Ordering three dishes of food with the coconut drinks, it cost nearly thirty bucks and it was a treat from Jianhao.

After that, he sent me to Tiong Bahru MRT and I took train home. I missed part of the show “Four Famous Constables”. I started updating my sites as well.