An Irritated Dinner

[Sunday, 29 April, 2007]

I received a call from Mingfa to go for supper at Geylang. Soon, they arrived in Weitat’s car and we went to the “You Tiao Da Wang” again. After that, they decided to go home straight away and thus I had takeaway for my family. Suddenly, they started to talk about Mustafa and we proceeded to it.

We thought Weitat’s parking skill had improved but he actually did not park within the box.

Weitat promised to leave the place in half an hour’s time but he stayed at the watch department for as long as that to pick a watch for his dad. I was not sure if they were rushing off just because they did not want my food to turn cold or simply they were tired. For me, I was actually stoning.

I reached home after 2am and everyone had already dozed off. My mum had to wake my younger brother up and I felt quite guilty when I actually meant well to get them the supper. I started updating my resume and until hours later, I realised Carol had attached one for me in her previous email. Since Gmail grouped emails with similar topics together, I thought that was attached by me until I was bored and downloaded it. I was so stunned for it was nicely done with most of my information from my original one inside. It was then I realised we could use a “comment” feature in Microsoft Word. I added in more details and finally went to sleep after 7am.

Kaven waked me up after 1pm as he was bored during the journey home from his office. Later on, I started checking emails and other daily stuffs. I did a quick blogging and when I was still in a daze mood, caught by my weariness, Ou Xiang messaged me and insisted me to help her do a financial planning to get her future house. I was very stunned and it took me very long to refer to the lecture notes and finally gave her an estimated sum of money. The lecture notes were very handy.

Just after my mum called me to check if I were going out, I messaged Mingfa and he told me they were going to Bukit Panjang for dinner instead of having steamboat at Tiong Bahru. I was quite turned off for it was far and inconvenience. They seemed to have forgotten about me for if I did not SMS Mingfa, I would probably be waiting at home till the sun fully retreated.

When Ou Xiang kindly suggested having dinner with me at Tiong Bahru market, my mum called me again and told me to dine downstairs with her friend. That friend was an old lady and always insisted to foot the bill and even give money to my brothers and me. I was lazy to go down and did not like the idea of being treated by the kind old lady or dining with outsiders, but slowly dragged myself out of my house. My mum even asked my brother to ring me again to hurry me down. Since I always did cancelling of call and then using my house’s phone to call back everyone to save their phone bills, all the calls from my mum was very irritating for I had to do all the dirty jobs of calling her back whenever she wanted to tell me useless stuffs.

Everything was fine at first until I could not find my slippers. The first thing that came to my mind was my younger brother had taken them. To anyone, it was a small issue but I was very irritated by it. I wanted and I needed to own my very own pair of slippers, even though it cost only around two bucks. He had his own pairs of slippers and what insane thoughts were on his mind that he had to use mine? I supposed he had not tasted the feeling of when he was just about to leave the house to find he had no correct footwear to fit his destination. Taking without asking was stealing, and since I was at home all along, he could have at least asked me before taking my things.

I wanted to go back into my house, lock the door and continue with my work but considering that an outsider was waiting there for me, I decided not to make a big fuss out of it. I had to dig out a pair of old sandals instead and set off without caring how much dust was hanging onto it.

I did not talk much during the dinner. Even though my hairdresser was sitting over the next table, I only got to see her when she came over with her husband. Nobody had sensed my irritation. Since it was useless to sound out since it was already not the first time, I was thinking of buying more pairs of the cheap slippers and put around my messy and packed house to protest about it; I probably needed at least two pairs of slippers no matter how many pairs my younger brother owned.

After the dinner, my mum went to collect the free ticket of winning numbers for 4D and I slowly paced off. I did not hold on to the lift for them since there was an outsider inside. I purposely placed my sandals near the gate as they would hinder the opening of the gate. I preferred so much to wear slippers and thus I would not be touching the sandals, and would definitely leave them lying around instead of putting them back into the shelf.

I started watching television while touching up my property site.

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