Bukit Timah with Jianhao

[Monday, 23 April, 2007]

Work had beaten my sleep once again and I even got to have my breakfast. Even though I went to sleep at 1pm, I got up at 3pm somehow. Jianhao had some viewings and wanted to meet me in a few hours’ time and thus I had a busy time.

I finally sent an email to the organiser of the Rip Curl beach volleyball companionship and I was very glad to receive the quick reply within an hour. It began raining just before I left the house. I was disappointed to see that my three formal shirts were not inside my wardrobe.

Main door

Living room

Living room

View from balcony

Balcony besides living room

Kitchen with new wall cabinet

“wet” kitchen

View from kitchen (South)

Master bedroom

Attached bathroom

The sink

1st common room

2nd common room with semi attached bathroom (common bathroom)

Common bathroom joined to 2nd common room and living room

It was pouring very heavily at Clementi and I only got to meet Jianhao at the void deck of the nearest flat. He drove me to a petrol station then and bought some drinks. Then, we went to the house at Bukit Timah, which was as huge as over 1700 square feet. We started opening all the windows and cleaning up the place. Afterwards, we started watching television and despite sleeping only for two hours, I was able to keep myself awake.

The first pair of viewers was two Indonesian girls. The girl who was going to rent the place had actually stayed in Singapore since secondary school days. Even though she was not pretty and that she did not have good figure, she possessed a hidden charm. She was interested in the house but later on, her brother who stayed nearby turned it down since it was a quiet place.

The second group of viewers were a family of three. The cute little boy was going to the nearby school and that was the reason why they wanted to rent a house at that area. They seemed very interested for they asked quite a number of questions.

Three viewing was together with an agent who was late. He brought a couple up. He passed me his namecard and thus I had to exchange mine with him; I did not want to do it since I was merely helping Jianhao.

We closed shop at around 9pm and went to Orchard to pick up Jianhao’s girlfriend. We stopped right outside Takashimaya, opposite the taxi stand until one of the security guard walked towards us, we made another round about the place and finally saw his girlfriend.

We went to Tiong Bahru for dinner. We were very amazing with the menu for they only categorized the food as “Chicken”, “Vegetable” and “Dou Fu”. I found duck under “Chicken” section. Ordering three dishes of food with the coconut drinks, it cost nearly thirty bucks and it was a treat from Jianhao.

After that, he sent me to Tiong Bahru MRT and I took train home. I missed part of the show “Four Famous Constables”. I started updating my sites as well.

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