Dinner with Kaven at ECP

[Sunday, 01 April, 2007]

I took Wilson’s car, together with Junyang, to Geylang right after dinner at Boon Lay Drive. Jianhao left with his girlfriend as he had project to rush. The highest speed we ever went at was 135km/h, which was still not exciting enough. I asked him about his petrol fee and was shocked to know that each time he had to fork out hundred bucks to top up the tank and sometimes he had to do it every three or four days. RX8 was an expensive and petrol consuming car indeed, which I would consider as useless.

As expected, we reached “You Tiao Da Wang” much earlier than Weitat’s group. It was pretty awkward to have waitresses (old and plump aunties) kept approaching us to take our order while we had to wait for the rest to arrive. There were altogether seven of us.

I ordered one bowl of “Dou Hua” ($1.70) and one “You Tiao” ($0.80) and the rest did not order much as well since we had just taken dinner in less than an hour ago. The “You Tiao” was long and we forgotten that it always came in a pair; though it tasted much better than other stalls’, we almost could not finish our shares. It was crispy and easy to chew on.

I switched to Weitat’s car and Wilson sent Junrong home. It was very pressurizing to guide the way when it was near my house and Jianhao SMSed me to check us out when I was trying to concentrate in order not to cause any detour again. In the end, we succeeded other than Weitat not following instruction near Telok Ayer Road and took a little extra distance.

This morning, I worked until around 6am.

I was waked up by Kelly and she was asking me about the result of the door-to-door knocking the day before. I told her that I was going out by she thought I was going to do that. She sounded disappointed and so did I for all the miscommunication. Mingfa called me as well and since I wanted to catch more sleep and utilise my time on the websites, I told him I was not going to join them for the movie; partially I did not want to waste anymore money. I eventually waked up after my mum’s nagging to finish up the plate of fried rice she had heated up for me.

Kaven called me at around 3pm and since I had not chatted with him online for almost a week, I agreed to meet him at 5pm at his office. I quickly finished up the fried rice, did a little work and blog for the previous day before leaving my house.

View from Kaven’s office

I regretted signing in at the reception table for the guard did not seem to care at all. I went up straight to his office, which was not as neat as I had expected. Later, we went to Pearl’s Centre. The route to the carpark was full of dangers. The cars were parked like as if the entrance was their own homes. Two inconsiderate or retarded uncles were taking their own sweet time while walking against us, blocking our only way in. Kaven pressed the horn after a few seconds but they proclaimed they owned the place indirectly. There were many illegal parking after the ticket booth at the curved slope, which definitely increased the chance of car accidents.

I waited at the car for Kaven to finish his stuffs before we proceeded to East Coast Park. We spent some time at the wakeboarding area to witness people falling into the water at start-off point.

Dinner was marvellous though I did not really appreciate the nice good. There were satays, cockles (should be), sting ray and vegetable. It was a disappointment when I tried the coconut drinks, which was not as nice as the previous time I went there to cycle with my army buddies. Anyway, Kaven went to get more food and while he was away, many people came over to ask for seats and a few of them even stood near my table. The prawns were delicious even though I did not like taking prawns.

While Kaven was driving me home and he took a wrong route and had to make a big U-turn for he was happily chatting with his girlfriend and I was a road idiot. As I was telling him the incident of taking ECP three times in an hour with Weitat and missing the left turn near MRT, Kaven stunned me by proceeding to Maxwell Road without turning left as well. Luckily, it was still better than Weitat turning into Ah Moy Street and taking an even longer route.

Upon reaching home, I continued with my work after bathing. Luckily my mum went to the neighbour’s house and nobody switched on the television to distract me.

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