Fifth Day of Course

[Wednesday, 04 April, 2007]

After sending Jianhao home, Jingkun, Weitat and I decided to drop by Mingfa’s house for a little chat. Later, Weitat sent Jingkun home before dropping me at my house. If it was not for Weitat, willing to spend extra half an hour on driving, I was not able to join them for the late night dinner and gatherings. I worked till after 7am.

Waking up after 2pm, normal daily routine proceeded but I had to attend the course at my office. At the lift, I met my neighbour, Kok Hin’s mum. She claimed I have lost at least four kilograms over the past few months and I was quite scared.

I was very early again. I got to chat with Royston for a while. As the rest slowly arrived, I was complimenting myself in my inner heart for I purposely sat at the edge and placed my bag besides me, so that Ruixiang could not sit besides me. Suddenly, I was distracted by some nice smell, turned towards the direction of it and saw him eating titbit. I could never guess what he was thinking about to take such strong smelling snack in that closed little room. I almost dozed off many times during the course and could never pay full attention.

I took my bread only when I was at the bus-stop. As I was near the carpark, I met Sor Ling and she was so excited to see me, telling me she actually wanted to find me urgently. She told me she had “lobang” for me and I was quite excited as well. She asked for my number again, saying that she had too many namecards to dig into.

After receiving her SMS, I added her in MSN. When she messaged me minutes later, she started asking me weird questions and at the start I had guessed she was in MLM but I never imagined she was actually doing very well in it. The money was tempting but my principle would never allow it.

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