Foreign Cheque

[Tuesday, 10 April, 2007]

I was too engrossed in my work that I slept only at 5am.

I waked up to clear my mails and all stuffs. As my mum got home with my brunch, she passed me a letter, which kept me so excited. This day, I learnt that if someone were to give a cheque from overseas bank, the local bank would charge you SGD$4 to mail it back in order to retrieve the money and the processing fee for the initial bank could be more than USD$5. That was really insane, which eventually put my excitement down.

I finally gave a call to HDB hub to enquire about Jessica’s case; the previous email I sent to them was bounced over places and eventually failed and thus I would never waste my time waiting for reply from their email anymore. Anyway, I realised it was a waste of time after so long.

Kaven called me in the evening and chatted. I continued with my work after that.

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