Fourth Day of Course

[Monday, 02 April, 2007]

I did an early sleep at 3.30am but ended up waking up at 6am. The air conditioner had stopped and my mum switched on the fan immediately, blowing all the cold air towards me that I started sneezing and finally realised I had a running nose. Since it was useless to try dozing off, I got up two hours later to get back to my work.

Around noon, I finally felt the tiredness and went back to sleep. I waked up at around 3pm to get back to work and time never seemed enough. I did not notice the time slipping off fast until around 5pm, I started to panic as I had to rush for the course at office.

Kelly called to tell me the supposed appointment with Mr Khin at night had to be cancelled as her son had been admitted to the hospital.

I managed to get there in less than half an hour. I got myself bread at the cake shop and the $1.30 peach bread was nice. The course began late again and this time round, the HDB stuffs killed so much of my brain cells. I was very glad that the lecturers were very enthusiastic in teaching. One of them, Steven, was sitting besides me and was trying hard to explain his colleague’s teaching, wanting so much to conduct the lesson instead. However, this day, the pest sat by my side again and I felt so irritated and perhaps I should be changing place in the next lecture.

I left the office at around 10pm. The BMCC guys were having dinner at Redhill hawker centre and it took me around fifteen minutes at my fast pace to reach there. After that, I went to paste flyers around the neighbourhood with Jianhao.

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