Hello Stagmont Camp

Since I had lost my password and did not even know my user ID, I called them to retrieve back the password. It was a computer operated line and I had to press numbers until the second stage of the game, I got lost. The terms they used were aliens to me and I decided to drop them an email instead. A man rang me up very soon and asked for my details to identify myself before telling me he would email me my password. I checked my email and realised they had already emailed me.

I finally logged into the NS Portal website and update my particulars. I went to check my medical status.

Booking Type : Medical Review
Sub Visit Type : Medical Review
Date : 17/05/2007
Time : 14:25H
Self-Initiated : No

I’m going back to Stagmont Camp again. Hopefully by then the MO is not a fucked up one like the previous hamster-look-alike.

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