Irritation When Organising an Outing Using SMS

Hey, are you free to join us tomorrow at blah blah…?

Who going?

It is not the language that matters obviously. Put yourself in the scenario that you have to message more than forty people and you receive such similar reply, or rather, call it a question instead, what will you feel?

Probably you have not experienced it since most people do not spend such effort to organise big gathering, but please use some common sense to imagine it – how much extra work are you going to do?

There are three possible outcomes which are common after you list out the people who have agreed.

Got John, Patrick, Zinc and still waiting for replies. So are you going?

1. “Okay lor. Count me in.”
2. “So few people? I confirm with you again k?”
3. “Hehe. ic. sorry i’m not free. have fun okay?”

Ideally, the first reply is the best. The second one implies two things – you are either a bastard who would not try your best to support an outing unless there are many of them going, or you are simply retarded that you think your SMS can only hold less than fifty characters that you cannot type in your answer as well in one shot. The last one shows that you are either a complete moron or just trying to add on to the burden of the organiser.

But overall, why can’t you just give a direct and honest answer at the beginning and I think it will be okay even if you say you are not free but you wish to know who are going.

Of course, those who do not even care to reply you at all should be just deleted from your phone’s contacts, or perhaps, rename them under “blacklist” like “blacklist: bastard” so that in future when they call or message you for help, you can ignore them immediately without having to waste time messaging them “who are you?”

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