It Was Not My Fault That I Could Not Doze Off

[Wednesday, 11 April, 2007]

It was such a rare day that I went to bed at 2am but unfortunately failed to doze off. It could be due to factors like my mum was packing her wardrobe at such weird hour, causing series noises, and that I had to sleep on the bed where the air conditioner attacked me directly. My stomach was giving me some uncomfortable feeling as well and that even after exercising, I could not sleep. My eyes were very tired but even closing them my brain could not stop working.

I finally got up after 5am. My brother returned home soon and reported the news of Man Utd thrashing Roma 7-1. I went to bed after 7am. I was waked up by my mum at around 10am to eat the half boiled eggs that I had ordered. Subsequently, calls waked me up.

I had a weird call from Zijun’s personal assistant (PA). The day before, he told me that we could collaborate on some work and he would ask his PA to contact me later in the day, which she did not. This morning, she told me she was going to arrange an appointment for Zijun with me, just simply for half an hour. I thought she was supposed to tell me what was the plan but she sounded I was going to “invest” in that financial company. Since Zijun was involved in MLM and other stuffs but my only interest (in fact I detest MLM) was based on web development, I was not very interested about meeting him up for such business other than to catch up. I told her we would arrange on some other time but she did not seem to want to put down the phone and thus I told her to call me some other time. I was in fact too tired to figure out what was happening and was intending to wait for Zijun to online to clarify things with him. Luckily, she did not call me back again.

Jianhao gave me a good piece of news that there was response from the flyers we pasted at Redhill and there was viewing at night. Later on, Kelly called and told me someone wanted to view Mr Khin’s flat at almost the same time as well and I had to tell her I was not free. She could not contact Mingfa and sounded a bit frustrated.

I went to Redhill in the evening, reaching almost right at time, which was 6.45pm. I called Jianhao but he was only at Clementi. When he arrived with two ladies to view the room, he told me he was meeting the landlord at 7pm and I realised I should have slow down my pace so much instead of rushing over from the bus-stop. When I thought everything was going smooth, the girl who was going to rent the room told us that her boyfriend was paying for the rental as well and the owners had claimed earlier that they only want a female tenant because they did not want anything to happen. Jianhao’s friend should have explained it earlier such that we would not waste the trip down since it was impossible.

Jianhao and I had our dinner at the Redhill market. I had chicken wing rice for $2.50 from the western food stall. Sugarcane drinks was nice with the lemon, but the small cup which cost $1.20 reminded me of the older days before the renovation, which I could get a very big cup with $1.

I followed Jianhao to Choa Chu Kang in the hope to learn some rental skill from him. There were supposed to be two viewings, which I thought was quite worthy of my time. The Indian tenants were late for half an hour and then we realised they had another viewing at Clementi afterwards. The other viewing was cancelled.

Jianhao sent me to the MRT station and I continued with my work with frustration of the slow computer.

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