Miss 杜十娘

The title itself gives us a very trendy feeling about the show, telling us the plot is about the China olden days.

The preview during commercial breaks had indirectly promised me that it was a comedy show and I was looking forward to watch it to relax my mind. This show was finally being broadcasted on MediaCorp channel 8 on Saturday 28 April, 2007.

At the start, a plump lady appeared with spectacle to try to navigate the story. It was a turn off but I presumed it was the scriptwriter’s plot to stimulate the suspension of the audience. The scene was at a prostitution house and the prostitutes started singing and dancing, and the music seemed quite stylish.

Du Shi Niang was the most popular prostitute there and she fell in love with a cute guy who was dragged there by his classmate; the sparkle was absurd for there was not sign of any intelligent conversation to make them so attracted to each other. He started staying there for days until he finished all his money. The Mamasan was tricked by Du Shi Niang to promise the guy to allow him to redeem her with just one thousand “liang”, which was easily afforded by Du Shi Niang. The guy left in despair like those usual devoted lovers in shows to search for money but all he did was approaching his classmate before he gave up. Du Shi Niang managed to find him on the last day of the vow and used her maid to test his sincerity by stripping and throwing herself at him. Du Shi Niang appeared just in time before he could react and his devotion was somewhat proven by her; fancy she was supposed to be smarter than the famous empress “Wu Zhe Tian”. By then, I was expecting for the first humorous plot to come out but I was kept in suspend again. The guy secretly went to the maid and told her to wait for him and I thought it was his turn to test Du Shi Niang. He brought Du Shi Niang to his hometown but left her inside the boat. Just as he went drinking with another perverted rich classmate to drunk his sorrow after his family denied Du Shi Niang, his dad went to the boat and scolded her in dialect which she did not understand. The language however promised me it was a comedy and I was waiting more firmly for the twist. The guy returned to Du Shi Niang and told her he had sold her to his perverted classmate since he was not rich enough to support her, which was a turn off. I told my younger brother the guy was plotting to test her back but until Du Shi Niang promised to marry the pervert and finally jumped into the sea, with the guy not jumping down to save her, I was stunned. By then, I expected the story told by the Mamasan was false but the story went on. Du Shi Niang returned to the prostitution house in a mess when she was supposed to be dead for she seemed to be submerged into the water after she jumped and there was no sign of her knowing how to swim; even if she could swim, she could never hold her breath so long under the water. The worst thing was that she had brought along her treasure box which was empty because she could have grabbed some of her jewellery inside the water than to save her bulky and heavy treasure box. Just as I was expecting the guy to return to the prostitution house and shout “Gotcha!” and the show ended.

It is a wasted show, conning all the viewers of their time. This low budget show not only has a lousy and dragging story, which has no value, it also does not provide any entertainment as well. The most interesting thing about the show is sadly, only the music. It is out of point and the characters are not properly designed. Du Shi Niang is supposed to be very smart but she turns out so stupid and whereas for the heartless guy, he is supposed to be very devoted and dumb for no heartless guy will get so despair for the girl but ends up giving her up so easily. This show simply implies that chicken can bark and fish can walk on the ground.

Lastly, it should be filmed as a documentary show instead and shit all the director and scriptwriter.

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