My First Ever HDB First Appointment

[Saturday, 14 April, 2007]

Poppye meal sets

I was shocked when Jingkun called me and asked if I wanted to have supper with them after midnight. They dropped by my house in less than ten minutes’ time and we proceeded to Changi Airport. It was pretty pathetic that we were going there just to take fast food – Popeye. The worst thing was that there were only eight pieces of chicken left and we had to share them. It was my virgin try on it and it tasted almost similar like KFC’s but Mingfa claimed that the coleslaw was nice. After that, Weitat drove me home and followed by the others. It was pretty a waste for though it was a Saturday, a few of us had work in the morning, otherwise we could have hanged around there longer.

I continued with work till 5am but could never get to sleep after that. Lying down there, random thoughts came along. There seemed to be too many things I was concern with.

I finally got up at around 8.30am and left my house at around 9.35am. I met Cecilia on the way to the MRT station and we started complaining about that wicked bitch who got my rental deal with Uncle Sam off.

It was my first ever HDB first appointment; it was for Bedok Block 204. I was there so early that I started to clear my phone and play game. Suddenly, I had a stomachache and had no choice but to proceed to the toilet next to the food court, which was one of the most disgusting toilets I had ever been to. The situation of the cockroaches had never improved and they even had the cheek to put the janitor’s name at the door like as if they cared about the hygienic and cleanliness a lot.

I met up with Kelly soon and we proceeded to second level to find George and his wife. He was trying to joke like usual while pulling his face. We took the letter from him to get the queue number but the machine gave us problems that we had to join the long queue at the receptionist counter to get it done. The number was called immediately and we proceeded to the counter outside. After checking the documents, we continued to wait and then entered the officer’s room. When everything was done, we went to the third floor to pay ceavant fee.

Kelly and I went to the coffee shop nearby to have a drink. She started chatting with strangers who shared our table. I was busy messaging people to ask them for a swim for Kwang Han but I was down-lucked. So, I changed it to the next day. It seemed like the Campus Superstar competition was going to commence soon at Toa Payoh but I did not stay to catch it.

Upon reaching home, I went to the toilet again and realised something was very wrong with my stomach. I did not have any appetite and soon dozed off. It was simply less than three hours of sleep but I could never rest myself longer than that. My phone was disturbing me as well for friends started to reply my messages slowly.

My stomach continued to give me problems and when Mingfa called to ask if I wanted to join them for steamboat at Marina South, I had to decline the offer; I was expecting lots of fondable memories there for we used to go there in large group at least once a year.

It was a pretty boring night. When Ruoci replied my message at 10pm, I called her directly. In the conversation, she declared BMCC people were not her friends.

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