Putting Aside Everything

[Sunday, 22 April, 2007]

I only got to sleep at around 5am. My mum and younger brother went to Johor early in the morning. I was later waked up by many phone calls looking for them.

Finally I got up at around 2pm. It was a boring for the arrangement to have a swim was cancelled since the new sports complex at Jurong West held only an indoor swimming pool and there was no fun stuff like the Jurong East’s slides and waves. I really thought I could have fun with my volleyball buddies at the pool but they did not consider going down to Jurong East instead.

Their plan was to catch a movie but I was still on a tight budget and I was not keen on sleeping inside the cinema; I would rather spend the money on renting a bike at East Coast Park to exercise my weakened legs.

My mum had heated up some “lor mai gai” and “siew mai” and they helped to fill my stomach. My mood was never good and luck was as bad. It was until 5pm, I had guessed Khoa was not interested in the room at Redhill and that I had wasted my time going down the previous. But maybe, we could become good friends in future.

I was being so tied down by my mood and began playing game instead of letting my mind wondering around further away and not doing my work to my best.

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