Queensway, Clementi ITE, Boon Lay Drive

[Saturday, 31 March, 2007]

A normal routine continued but this day, I was able to play two or three rounds of Condition Zero with my brother to relax myself and stop the craving. Eventually I slept at 7am after continuing with my work. This day, I failed to blog before sleeping for I did not want to drag my sleeping time later.

Since I had volleyball at night, I tried to force myself to sleep longer. I dreamt that my bank account left only around twenty bucks, which was very scary. Gilbert messaged me in the afternoon to ask me to think of something for him to do at Orchard. While thinking, I continued to sleep again and waked up at 3pm eventually when Weitat called me to join him, Junyang and Mingfa at Queensway.

I did my blogging for less than half an hour, which was a record for I had never done it so fast. Perhaps, the rush for time accelerated everything. Due to the time restriction, I had only a few bites of my noodle. I made my way down to Queensway, taking bus 196 and reached at around 4pm. I continued to pressure Weitat in his relationship with Elaine and mentioned her name every now and then.

Mingfa during the beginning of the haircut

The car was parked on the big yellow box at the busy road outside Queensway Shopping Centre. You can see cars passing by in great speed.

It started pouring soon. Mingfa had a haircut for $18 and it certainly took longer than half an hour. I felt quite lost this day for I did not want to mention any wrong thing in front of Mingfa when he was feeling down. We left Queensway Shopping Centre at around 6pm and were intending to take a cab down to Clementi ITE. As we were waiting near the exit of the car park, two cars were parking between there and the main road to Alexander Hospital. Weitat was cursing the driver for blocking the way for any cab to stop while I cursed the driver for parking at the big yellow box. Eventually, we decided to cross over the road, in an awkward manner, and boarded the bus 197, which came along before any cab arrived.

We alighted at the expressway, which was a short distance away from Weitat’s house. Then we crossed the bridge and walked over to Clementi ITE. We met Junrong outside the institute. Soon, we started playing two on two. Junyang and Weitat won Junrong and me. Jianhao later brought our dinner down but one of the two packets of fried rice was salted fish one, which both Weitat and I were not able to take. Junyang, Weitat and I shared the food and soon, Jianhao finished his rice and decided to try to put on weight.

This evening, two of the most disgusting old men did not come and thus we were less annoyed. However, one white-haired old man took over their roles. Mingfa could not stand his arrogance as well. At least for this day, there was almost no kicking of the ball over. Spiking was alright for me and I had begun to regain some of my touch for digging, though still far away from my old self. We played seriously for all sets except the last one. Wilson came to join us for dinner.

After washing up, we took Jianhao’s and Wilson’s cars to Weitat’s house to fetch his dad’s car before we went to Boon Lay Drive for dinner. Since we had nine persons and the biggest table could only hold eight persons, Mingfa took a chair somewhere.

Afterwards, the owner came over and took the chair. I took her someone was sitting there and she pointed to herself, without saying anything. Only then, I realised she was the owner of the chair and a drinks stall which was nearby. With the most sickening face, she asked if we wanted to get any drinks and we put her on hold. She came back around three to four times despite when Mingfa was already at her stall, ordering the drinks.

Even though we took her chair and should express our gratification by getting some drinks from her stall, her attitude was really terrible. She made it seem like we were not able to pay for just a cheap plastic chair. I proclaimed that was the first and last time I was going to get any drinks from that stall and if that was the only drinks stall available, I would go for dessert, regardless of the price, or even thirst, than to waste any cent on such arrogant and freaky auntie.

Anyway, the famous nasi lemak stall had its queue as long as lottery shops even at such hour and we took nasi lemak from another stall, which was quite normal taste.

When I tried to withdraw money from the ATM there, it refused to give me any. But at least I was able to check the balance at my account and I knew I could still last a few more months even if I was jobless!

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