Redhill Close Rental No More

[Friday, 27 April, 2007]

Since my brother was not home, I went to sleep after 4am after work. It took some time to doze off like usual.

I waked up at 2pm and actually thought it was still early. Since I had “ordered” half boiled eggs from my mum before sleeping, I thought she was preparing it in the kitchen. I looked at the clock and realised it was already afternoon.

My mum arrived with her friend when I had just powered up the system. My eyes were still very tired and they passed letters for me to read. I got to have my eggs soon and my mum claimed that she did not want to wake me up in the morning when she had almost done that everyday.

I spent very long time updating the outdated photos for my previous blog entries. In the late evening, I gave a call to the Redhill Close flat owners and the auntie told me she wanted to rent her room out to her neighbour’s China friends; I had wasted so much time all the while.

I went for a late night jog finally after so long. The motivation was from the upcoming Rip Curl beach volleyball championship; it began with the intention of having fun but somehow it turned out to be a struggle for a special attention.

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