Submitted Registration for Rip Curl Beach Volleyball Championship

[Tuesday, 24 April, 2007]

I slept at 5am this day and waked up at 10.30am. Unfortunately, soon after going back to sleep, I was waked up by Kaven. My brain cells were on strike at the moment and when he was asking for his new house’s address, I did not know where to find it. It was after we put down the long distance call (he was at either Thailand or Korea), I found the address in my phone’s inbox and forwarded to him.

At 3pm, I finally waked up again. I was bended on settling the Rip Curl competition stuff by this day. In my mind, I was quite worried that I could not make it on the day of competition myself due to my work as property agent.

Since the date and time for Block 219 Ang Mo Kio was not confirmed, I tried to call Penis Seah to confirm it. This time, he finally picked up the phone but started to accuse me that I should know the date. He was an experienced agent and should know that JTC’s resale flats were different from the usual open market’s resale flat; it was such a shame of him to deny everything and refuse to simply state the date and time. He had cheated half of my commission and yet he did not have a little guilt. This type of crooks was still in the market, which made me very disappointed in this line.

I made a call to Ying Ying before leaving the house as to confirm her name and shirt size. Since she was working in Singtel, I started crapping with her about signing up a new at first and she got so confused. After putting down the phone, Jenrine called me and only then I realised Ying Ying did not know that was from me.

I went to Vivocity once again. I went directly to the Rip Curl shop and the staff thought I was going to submit the registration form immediately but I told her to get me another three of them. I started filling up for the two teams. The cute girl was around but I realised her makeup was thick. As I was rushing to settle everything, Weitat called me to inform me that he was taking the train and could not wait for me. Therefore, I dropped the idea of following him to Jurong West to watch his inter constituency match.

Before leaving the shop, the cute girl was back to the counter and we exchanged smiles. I went to the Sky Garden to take a little walk by myself. The shops were all up and what impressed most was the “Planet Fitness” fitness centre, which was facing the sea.

I did not stay for very long for I knew I had many tasks to accomplish. I took a long rest at home but the backache refused to go away; it appeared out of nowhere since weeks ago.

Jianhao did many checking on me to call up the potential tenant for the Redhill rental but I could not locate the owners. Later on was all my usual updating of websites.

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