The Bachelor and Viewing at Bukit Batok

[Sunday, 08 April, 2007]

Weitat was sending Jingkun, Junyang, Mingfa and I home when Elaine called him. However, he told her he was driving and put down the phone. Then, he told us that she was crying and we started asking him to park the car by the side of the road and call her back. Despite all the nagging around his ears, he refused to listen to us. In the midst of the journey, I finally gave up, feeling so disheartened and annoyed by his cold-heartedness.

As a friend, he should not have ignored her in the first place and moreover, they liked each other. Elaine was his ex girlfriend and they were together years ago. I was so delighted to know that they both still had affection for each other, except that she was attached now. Stories about her current boyfriend pierced me to want to patch Weitat and her up so badly.

He had his own reasons for things he did. At least, he did not want to be a third party now nor give any bad impression that he was showing affection for her when she was feeling down. If he was indeed like what he claimed, not a good boyfriend, he could at least try to be one; if you had tried, you might have succeeded but if you had never tried, you would definitely not succeed.

To me, he was wasting such a great chance and he was simply leaving her in the torch. He proved me once again that kind people were born to be losers.

The simple him and the sweet her were one of the couples whom I hoped could get together. I could bet that he could probably never get someone as sweet as her in future.

He was one of the most eligible bachelors in my group. Although he was not as cute as Wilson or as handsome and macho as Tze Khit, he could easily provide for a girl now with his family’s wealth and current stable job. Overall, he had nothing much to worry about.

Perhaps, he had not tasted much feeling of setback and thus he could not treasure relationship like Mingfa or me. He was a lucky guy, unlike me, but he let all the unimportant things overrode his feeling for her.

Upon reaching home and getting bathed, I started a special work. The morning was dedicated to Weitat. I did not blog nor continue with updating of my project, but instead, started to edit his photo taken with Elaine. It took me around six hours to complete it together with a website. The URL was benchmarked on the photo, which I uploaded into my Friendster account. Then, I submitted the photos to a few of our gang people and to his account as well. It was all for him that I slept only at after 7am.

Mingfa waked me up at around 2pm. My mum and younger brother began to continue packing the room again. I started my work and later, played a round of Condition Zero with my elder brother. Soon, I packed up to go to Bukit Batok.

Unfortunately, I had to bear with weird encounters on the train. Firstly was the smell of stinky feet even though I was standing by the side of the doors. Later, a weird Malay uncle was standing near me, right at the doors. His switching of hands to grab on the pole besides me every half a minute started to irritate me. Afterwards, he moved nearer to the seats and held on to the pole on my left side. Then, he started leaning towards the pole like kissing his girlfriend.

This time, the direct buyers went up to the house immediately and we were surprised since we did not give them the address. Mr and Mrs Khin received us with great hospitality again. Kelly let Mingfa handle the second viewer but he was not experienced enough. We were stunned when she wanted to leave soon. The comments were not good and I was quite disheartened.

Mingfa and I were supposed to have dinner together but we did not have much appetite and decided to go home straight away. By the time I reached home, the room was much neater.

Messy? A bit better though.

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