The Great Fun at Jurong East Swimming Complex

[Saturday, 15 April, 2007]

I was enjoying my early morning playing Condition Zero with my elder brother. After catching the Man Utd match against Watford (4-1), we continued the game until 6am.

I waked up at 11am and slowly packed up. I took bus 196 to Clementi and realised everyone was late again. Thus, I went to Mrs Ng’s house alone. It was crowded with many friends and relatives that I felt so out of place immediately with all the unfamiliar faces. However, I got to meet Carol, Mrs Ng’s daughter’s friend, who gave me a lobang for job. Sichun arrived soon and followed by others. However, I had to leave soon for the swimming outing.

When I was walking to Clementi MRT, Firman had already arrived. We met up at Chinese Garden MRT. It started to pour but soon stopped. As I was chatting with Firman, Kwang Han messaged me that he was behind me. Tze Siang arrived next, followed by Gilbert and Jielin. Together, we left for Jurong East Swimming Complex.

Kailun, Gilberto, Fireman before the swim

Smile inside the water

Gilberto, Jielin and Kailun trapped in the big ocean!

Can someone get Jielin to open her eyes while taking photo?

I was trying to push Fireman and Gilberto down and I ended up more like floating on top. I learnt that I shouldn’t laugh inside the water while taking photo


Kailun, Jielin and Gilberto

I wasn’t bullying her and I did not bully her.

Fireman’s camera is awsome.

Kwanghan, Fredrick, Gilberto, Jielin, Kailun, Fireman during the rain

More fun inside the water after the rain, but the distance of camera was too far that it turned out very blur

Yet again, another one

Sometimes I just wonder if Jielin is too light that it’s more difficult for her to go to the bottom of the water

The greatest shot of Jielin like a celebrity (assuming she’s pretty enough). It can be used as a wallpaper.

Fireman’s greatest smile

Child abuse

The brothers of the SAF Driving school

The guys, too bad Kengster and Tze Siang were freaked out by the dirty water that they stayed only around the jacuzzi and did not join in the fun

I’m drowning…

We don’t need a cameraman… Fireman, Kailun, Jielin, Gilberto, Kwanghan, Fredrick


Another shot taken nearer to the entrance at the “waterfall”. It turned out to be hilarious.

Another shot further in

Gilberto, Kailun, Jielin

Kwang Han and Tze Siang decided to catch a bite at the KFC while the rest of us proceeded in. By then Kengster and Fredrick were on their way there to join us. We rented a float and had a great time taking photos inside the water with Firman’s wonderful camera. Firman even took a video while playing on the highest slide. I had great fun disturbing Jielin and she seemed so fragile.

lin at the hawker centre

After washing up, all of them left immediately except for Gilbert and Jielin. The three of us went to the hawker centre nearby to have our dinner and I started to feel my stomach being very bloated once again. As I was taking the train home, I witnessed very ungracious people running to grab the empty seats.

I was shagged out when I got home. My eyes were very tired probably due to opening my eyes too long inside the water and extreme lack of sleep. I wanted to take a rest but my mum was packing stuffs inside the room and occupying half of my mattress. I finally squeezed in and dozed off.

I was eventually waked up by Mingfa’s call before midnight.

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