The Sun Rose at Night

[Friday, 20 April, 2007]

It was an unexpected day that I dozed off around midnight.

I waked up at around 9am and realised I did not shut down my computer. I began packing my stuffs and separating the documents.

Jianhao called me regarding two Cameroon students who wanted to rent a room. I left for the office to check out about the student hostel and met Francis over there. He taught me how to go about doing the rental. I got to chat with this guy called David Tan and we even went down to the hawker to have a cup of drinks.

After that, I went to the bus interchange to take bus 198. I dozed off soon for I knew it would take quite long time to reach the destination. Upon opening my eyes at AYE, I saw a sweet girl sitting on the right, facing the left; whereas I was sitting on the left and facing the front. She turned to my side a few times and I did not mind having free sighting on the long journey. Suddenly I gave a longer stare at her and when she turned to me again, she quickly turned to the face again. I laughed but was about to control myself that nobody really noticed me. She alighted near Wilson’s house.

Boonlay Drive Hostel office

I like the colour a lot, but too bad the original condition of the flats are so different; simply plain.

I got to Boonlay Drive finally and saw the nicely designed place. Cheryl was there to entertain me and even brought me up to the unit. She was quite pretty, helpful, enthusiastic and smart. I hanged around there to wait for the rain to stop before walking to Boonlay Shopping Centre and realised that was where Mingfa and I went to years ago.

Suddenly, Jianhao told me that his two clients wanted to meet me and thus I tried to contact them but reception was bad. They replied my SMS very slow as well but we got to arrange to meet up at Lakeside MRT. Since Jianhao told me they were on their way already, I did not set a time.

I went to get a bun and draw some money from the ATM in case I needed to bring them over in a cab. Just then, my mum called me, followed by Jianhao. I was holding my bun and phone and was worried that I might drag the queue when it was my turn, and I was in a mess. It was drizzling and I got to the wrong bus-stop. Somehow, I thought it was single way traffic and went around asking people where to take the bus to Lakeside MRT.

I sat down and waited very long near the control station. There were many girls walking past and I took notice of a huge group of teenagers because some of them were suggesting to take cabs to Taman Jurong instead of taking the bus; they would need at least five cabs and they probably would take longer time to gather in their destination if they were to take cabs.

It was more than an hour later, I gave the two Cameroon guys some calls but they did not pick it up. I sent them a message and they did not reply. I finally gave a call to Jianhao and told him I was going home since I was a bit drenched and that I was not sure the security guard on duty after 8pm would open the door for the show flat a not. Before leaving, I even sent a polite message to them but they did not get back to Jianhao or me at all.

Just as I thought it was a ridiculous day, bringing tiredness and disappointments in the journey home, the sun suddenly rose again. I was preparing to get rejected again when I sent a message to ask if princess wanted to take part in the Rip Curl beach volleyball competition. This time, unlike usually, she replied me and even with a positive answer. I forgot the entire day’s crap instantly and started confirming with everyone.

My brothers were playing Condition Zero at home. My younger brother gave me back my computer soon and I started working. I managed to catch “Zou Xiang Gone He”.

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