There Goes the Days

Where are the days we go down to the beach and have countless matches against outsiders to battle for the usage of the volleyball courts, having dinner together at the hawker and planning to go for late karaoke sessions?

Where are the days we gather somewhere and drink to our hearts’ contents, though nothing meaningful is done, we are spending time together and lie around, vomiting around One Fullerton?

Where are the days we gather at BMCC and have to divide ourselves into three or even four groups to fill our Sunday with our favourite sport – volleyball?

Where are the days big group of us just roam around shopping centres, watching movies together and worrying about how to go home after midnight?

Most of us have long forgotten about all the happy days but I can never.

Being busy is not a valid excuse. It is how much you value the group of friends that you will not spend your entire time on school, work, relationship or even other friends. There is a limit that I can do even if I’m willing to spend time to approach everyone one by one.

Perhaps, everyone should move on with their lives, including me; and I cannot, that is why I’m still a failure.

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