Three HDB First Appointments

[Monday, 16 April, 2007]

I only got to doze off at around 4.30am while having sore eyes and had to wake up at 6am to start preparing and giving Mingfa morning call. We met up at TG Pagar MRT and proceeded to Toa Payoh together.

We were actually very early and Kelly arrived soon. Grace’s client came earlier than her. Soon, we proceeded to do everything without Kelly and Mingfa. Due to the fact that it was JTC’s flat, we got confused with the SD part. Grace was not very experienced. Anyway, when we were inside, Grace told me to leave the room because her client wanted to have privacy about her financial affairs.

After coming out from the officer’s room, Kelly and Mingfa were there with Lincoln and the clients. I followed them as well and soon, the case was settled as well. I called Rahman but could not get through again. Kelly told me some agents did not want to entertain new agents. He arrived with his son, Mr Low and wife. Mr Low was trying to talk to me but my mind was so tired. When he asked about my relationship with Kelly, I did not know how to reply him to explain she was my “god cousin” and not real cousin. We went into the officer’s room and she claimed that my SD form was not there, which I remembered I had done. There was one big problem with the CPF fund transfer and I might need to go down again if it was not settled.

Mingfa and I took bus 153 to Bukit Merah and it took only about half an hour. Winnie had gone to the bank already and we went down to look for her. She was at the counter and did turn around but did not seem to notice us. We waited outside the bank when she got out, she did not recognise us as well.

We had our lunch at the hawker at where Mingfa’s friend worked at. The taste was not really nice and the sugarcane juice at the stall besides it tasted badly.

We went back to office but Winnie told us to hold on. After waiting for fifteen minutes or longer, Mingfa went to get changed for his driving lesson. After some time, Winnie finally came out and told me she only needed Mingfa’s signature for he had forgotten to sign at the invoice and payment form earlier. We passed her the cheque and left together. I took bus 145 home while Mingfa went to Bukit Batok.

I had some sleep but was waked up by phone calls. I spent most of the time on editing and uploading very outdated photos into my old blog entries.

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