Time Waits For No One

When she called you in tears, you pushed her away.
All the persuasion went in vain.
Sitting behind you, I felt like my heart had deceased.
You were driving at a constant speed, but I knew your mind was not as calm.
How I wished she was just next to you, and I would not even mind losing a few hours of time seeing you each week.
I protested with my silence.
There was nothing more I could do for you had your difficulties.
Because I can never own mine, I hate to see you lose your opportunity and regret in future.
If you were to fail my envious for you, you are making me feel worse.
Right now, I dedicate my morning at the expense of my sleep for you.
Time waits for no one; cherish her.
http://sweetlove.sillydumb.com (requested to be removed)

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