Unbeatable is Lonely

[Tuesday, 03 April, 2007]

I started off this day with pasting of flyers around Bukit Merah with Jianhao. Afterwards, he sent me home and I continued with my own work.

I was sleepy and intending to sleep as soon as I had finished my work but Mingfa messaged me to give him morning call at 4.45am. Then, I decided to do as much work as possible. After that, Jianhao messaged me as well to discuss about rental stuffs.

As my alarm clock sounded, I called Mingfa and he asked me to flood Wilson’s phone. The numerous of tries ended with no result for Wilson had placed his phone at the living room even though he had promised Mingfa to send him over to Meijun’s house. I went to sleep after 6am with satisfaction of the amount of work done.

I waked up after 2pm. Jingkun told me the training place for Clementi Town was changed to Clementi ITE and thus I could go down to Clementi ITE earlier. It was too late then, for I was too tired and was very engrossed in my work.

Xinyi messaged me for chat in MSN. Later of the day, she started the topic with the hunk and babe of BMCC and she ranked me and Pauline top. That did not place me in cloud nine though.

It took me great effort to stop my work and set off for Clementi ITE after 6pm. As I was brisk walking from Clementi MRT to my final destination, a sweet foreign girl asked me for direction of a place but I was totally lost. I was in fact too lazy to bring my map along recently. Anyway, I could have passed her my name card and perhaps I might be able to get some private housing business to do since foreigners were somehow rich.

It was a very boring volleyball session. My right shoulder continued to give me problems. Mingfa did not sleep at all and thus he was not as energetic as usual, such that morale for the whole team was low. Most of the outsiders who came were not very good and we thrashed them under ten most of the time. We were really so bored that I even got to play in the centre position but I could not even spike hard given the chance. I did not even get into the court for the last two games when I realised playing on would lower my skill.

Wilson left immediately for he did not bring his clothes out. Kok Chiang left after showering for he had to book in. the rest of us, Mingfa, Jianhao, Jingkun and I squeezed into Weitat’s car and we proceeded to the coffee shop near Mingfa’s house. I had a plate of chicken cutlet and regretted it for chicken cutlet rice cost only $4, which was $1 cheaper, and that the fries given were scarce. However, the taste was okay. We met Zijun and Kevin there with their friend.

After the late dinner, Weitat drove Jianhao home.

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