Viewing At Bukit Batok and Volleyball at Shuqun Secondary

[Thursday, 12 April, 2007]

I was able to catch my sleep at 5am and my mum waked me up for my half boiled eggs at around 10am. I continued my beauty sleep till afternoon and waked up to see my shares price falling. It was a terrible sign for my plan to survive on it with this little income seemed bearish.

I went to Bukit Batok for the viewing. I was not able to contact Kelly and Mingfa replied me slowly. I did not have the contact number of the first viewer and not even his or her name. And if the two viewings were to crash due to time conflict, I would not know how to entertain both parties.

It was when Jingkun called me, I realised Mingfa would most probably not be able to rush down. I would not have minded if things were organised properly but I knew nothing completely. When I was feeling lost, Kelly suddenly arrived and told me her ear piece was spoilt and that was why I was unable to contact her. She was caught in the traffic jam and her clients were late as well. The person who called Mingfa to arrange for the appointment was probably just a hoax.

The viewing was dragged and the feedback was not good about the flat because whoever the designer for Bukit Batok area really sucked to the core for place two flats so near to each other; who would want to open his room’s windows to let the opposite front facing flat resident have free show everyday? That was a big turn off.

I could have rushed over to Shuqun Secondary earlier if not for the chat near the void deck. Kelly was informing Mrs Khin about the clients’ offer and we only left after 8pm. I took bus 187 over and it was exactly four bus-stops away like what Jingkun had told me. I took the longer route over to the main gate. I almost could not make it again for the bloated stomach made me feel so uncomfortable.

A man was standing there and did not notice me at all until I closed the gate quite hard. Later I realised he was the guard who showed me the way in but probably was just trying to see if I was going to the volleyball court.

By the time I got there, they had already played two matches and I was so disappointed. Before the end of the third game, Mingfa asked me to warm up. Then, I got to play as subset. My first ball at the main spiker’s position flew down and scored point. My next touch of the ball was blocking at number two and managed to stop opponent’s attack. Just as they were teasing that I was “100%” for that night, I could not serve the ball over. Our team played very well with two SQS players due to absence of Wilson. This time, we had Andy with us.

After the games, we went to Jurong East Central for dinner. I did not want to worsen my stomach and thus did not want to eat anything. Jingkun was either very kind or very hungry or perhaps both, that he offered to share a plate of carrot cake with me.

Just as I was returning from the stall, I saw a pair of shameless couple. The guy was caressing the girl’s thigh so obviously at the coffee shop. Some time later, I looked over there accidentally and saw the girl caressing the guy’s back. Jingkun saw the guy took some food and kissed the girl immediately. I presumed the couple stayed very near the coffee shop such that they were able to ease their needs immediately after dinner.

There was also a cute girl with a guy whom Weitat claimed was good looking. She was doing the ordering of food and drinks while the guy was sitting down there like a boss. The way she walked and twisted her body was sexy. When Weitat joked that the guy was lame, I actually believed him for I did not expect such guy existed.

We left at 11pm. I was expecting Kok Chiang to “send” me home as he was going back to camp at the east side but he took a cab instead of train. I was with one of the Clementi ITE guys who looked very quiet but he alighted shortly at Clementi and I had to bear the extremely unpleasant smell of an average sized bangala who sat one seats away from me, but was in fact taking up two seats. I was teasing him until Clementi that he had just worked as gigolo and thus he could not close his thighs.

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