Volleyball and the Bedok Rascals

[Saturday, 07 April, 2007]

I struggled on till daylight once again. I was however, waked up by a number of calls before noon. Eventually I got up from bed at around 1pm to start into my work. It was after 4pm when Jingkun called me to ask me down to Clementi ITE earlier but things dragged on and I could not leave my house immediately. I took quite long to find my new free knee pads, which my mum claimed was at the kitchen. One of my sites had a popup upon visiting and I started to trace it out as well. Then, my mum called me a few times and even wanted me to get a cake from her; more time was wasted then.

Jingkun, Kok Chiang and Mingfa were already there. Jianhao arrived, followed by Weitat and finally Wilson. My right shoulder gave me big problem but I managed to stretch it and later, spiking at the wall from light to heavy strength gave me back my flexibility. Spiking was not as easy as two days ago at Singapore Polytechnic; it was such a disappointment for I thought my skill had improved a little.

We did not play well against the old people though we won them in all the matches. At least we were getting more organised. The young boy called me uncle and I started calling him “baby”.

We finally made our way to Bedok 85 after months. We had some hindrances at first from Jianhao again. This time, he was okay with going till so far but he had to pass something to his friend.

I took Wilson’s car, Mingfa took Jianhao’s, while Jingkun and Junyang entrusted their lives to Weitat. We had some fun on the way. Weitat and Wilson were cutting lanes from right to left and vice verse but Wilson had to slow down at times to wait for Jianhao because he was not sure of the way. I supposed he was using high beam when he was behind us. When we passed by Toa Payoh, I sent Weitat a message, just simply “toa payoh” since Elaine stayed there.

After all the fun on the road, we finally reached the famous Bedok 85. We found ourselves some seats at the open air. Three tables in a triangular layout were empty and when we tried to join two convenient ones, a yellow shirt auntie came over to interrupt us. This brainless bitch was claiming that we had to join the two tables besides the stone bench so that we would not obstruct other people.

We did some simple thinking that any kid could do, tried to argue with her that it made no difference, and that using her arrangement, we had to squeeze a lot. She wanted us to join the two small rectangular tables by the side of the stone bench, which was already occupied by customer on the other side. The seven of us had to sit in a “U” shape such that the other longer sides of the tables could not be occupied. Jianhao bear with it and squeezed with the customer over the other side, whereas the rest of us cursed that bitch behind her.

I purposely pushed my chair behind and placed my arm on the third empty table to show my discontentment. Someone started to close clear the chairs and keep the empty table. Soon, Jianhao told us that yellow shirt and skirt auntie bitch was complaining to an ah beng about us, who kept staring over. Later on, I turned around to search for that bitch and realised she was from the drinks stall labelled “85 Café”.

Perhaps, it was due to people like this stall owners that gave me the impression that Bedok had more “ah beng” and “ah lian” than any other places in Singapore. Jianhao thought the girls there were hot.

I took western food again. This time, I supposed the guy who talked to me was the son of the stall owners who were cooking inside. He sounded like “ah beng” also but was still alright to me. I took the $4 chicken chop, which was of normal taste.

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