Another Crooked Agent

[Thursday, 10 May, 2007]

After spending a few hours at Halo Bar, Mingen, Mingfa, Jianhao and I went to Bukit Timah to have supper. On the way, Mingen and Mingfa drove to the petrol station to get an ice-cream for Jianhao since they could not find a birthday cake. I had two plain prata and iced tea before Jianhao sent me home.

Mingfa called me and we had a chat for almost one and half hour. I went to bathe after that and continued with my work, which lasted for so long until 8am.

Mingfa waked me up at noon to inform me of a viewing session. I was so disgusted to go down for two consecutive days. When I first started off in this line, I would have done it without any complain but I knew well it was not the way for we should push appointments to the same day. Since I was the only very “free” person, I had no choice but to go down by myself. Kelly called me soon to make my situation worse for there was another appointment such that I had to go down even earlier.

This afternoon I was so keen to find out about the meaning of cash-down and thus I even called Douglas. He was so nice to explain things to me. Alas, I got so disappointed with real estate agents because every one of them seemed to be not practising what they had been preaching.

I continued with my work and later set off to Bukit Batok. I met up Vincent at 5.30pm and his client was already upstairs, which I found it weird. The husband arrived and that was the fourth time they had viewed the place. I did not like them for they were very stingy and attitude.

I stayed behind for the second appointment. I kept myself occupied with the television and I tried to talk to Mrs Khin to find out more. During evening, Mrs Khin gave me two pieces of snack which I did not really like for I was worried they would get my body heaty.

Jimmy and his wife arrived later. The clients were a bit weird for they seemed to be like contractors. When I wanted to find out more about their choice, they seemed to be running late for other appointments and I realised there was not much high hope.

After reaching home, I cleared my email before going down for a jog. I did not do as well but at least my speed was okay after a tired day. However, just after bathing and my mum had cooked my noodle, I was called by Mingfa to ask me down to Bukit Batok after 10pm.

The feeling of having to go down there for thrice in two days, dealing with assholes who had been wasting our time really sucked. I was not staying near and I was not driving or riding that it was really stupid to make all the trips. It was a ridiculous hour and that I had just ended a hard day work, had a tough jog which had left me strengthless and my mum had cooked my dinner for me which I had to leave them dry.

I had no chance but to follow the instruction from Kelly just to bring a stupid piece of paper down. The taxi stand was queued and I went to further in front but there was no luck. Every cab that passed by had the “on call” sign and I knew the cab drivers were making big bucks. There was once when someone alighted near me and I quickly got into the cab, the driver told me it was “on call” again. A bitch went in front of me at the Keppel Tower side to fight cab with me. I simply stared at her while I walked passed her and she stared back at me shamelessly. I would really love to take up her challenge in getting a cab there but it seemed pointless. Available cabs would rather enter the Amara Hotel to catch big fishes who might give them tips. I went to the place where Kachua always got his cab at but there was construction at the road and thus I went to Cantonment Road instead and finally caught a cab.

Meanwhile, I had to cancel my meeting up with Kaven for the next morning because I knew I would not be able to get home early and that I was already having lack of sleep. Earlier on, I was about to message him but he called me instead to schedule the appointment to look for stuffs for his house like the paint colours, which I was very interested in. I thought I could learn more as well and would be able to help others in future. However, this stupid trip had to spoil the planning.

I had suffered more loss than this. At 10pm was the beginning of the golden hours for my web business and by not updating my sites at these few hours, it might reflect badly on my sites, which would definitely cause lost of profit in both current and long term for some visitors might mistake that I was not going to update the sites anymore.

I spent more than an hour over there. I was furious and disgusted when I realised what was going on – the agent Vincent Chan had gone up to negotiate with Mr Khin directly. It was definitely a wrong to do this for he was not showing respect to all of us and that he had caused a very severe confusion over our side, ending up in almost an argument.

I was a new agent and I thought I was inexperienced that I could not do things good, but however, comparing Vincent Chan and I, I realised I was so much better; in fact, it was a disgrace to be compared with him.

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