Banked in AdSense’s Cheque

[Wednesday, 02 May, 2007]

Nothing was unusual about this morning and I managed to go to bed at around 4.30am. I was then waked up by my mum at around 2pm.

It was not a usual day after all. My mum brought home a letter from Google AdSense and inside hosted the cheque, which seemed to have waited for me so eagerly. This aid came in handy. It was my second time receiving it but the first time my mum was able to help me cash it into my bank account; the previous time they sent me from the America and I got them to cancel the cheque, and currently still waiting for them to credit the amount back into my account.

Therefore, I have proved wrong to those people who have seen me staying online the entire day and assuming I’m very free. Although my progress may be slow sometimes due to distraction, such as television, Friendster and MSN, I do work. I do play games but I spend more time on work.

This afternoon, I continued with my work until evening time when I set off to Bukit Batok. I met up with Mingfa at the MRT before approaching Mr Khin’s flat. Kelly was waiting at the same void deck and when the co-broke agent arrived, Mingfa and I quickly went up to prepare the house.

Kelly was intending to let Mingfa do all the talking but he was not really prepared. Since I was not wearing as formal as him and that I was dehydrated and felt uncomfortable on my throat, I did not do anything. The co-broke agent in fact did most of the talking and I was quite impressed that he could relate so much things on the first visit.

Kelly went home after that and the buyers were actually quite interested. Mingfa and I went downstairs to wait for the second group of viewers. We waited for more than half an hour and finally they called Mingfa. Just as we were at the void deck, we saw the same pair of couple who were with the co-broke agent an hour ago. Mingfa got very pissed but I knew clearly it was the couple’s fault for they should not have engaged the agent while looking for flats by themselves; the silliest thing was they did not suspect it was the same flat in the first place.

We left immediately. Mingfa was intending to have a jog with Wilson and if only I was staying near them, I could join them in the healthy lifestyle. I wanted to have my own jog as well but when I reached home, I was welcomed by KFC chicken. I decided to have a midnight jog but later on, my stomach played me and I continued with eating again.

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