First HDB Appointment with Penis Seah

[Tuesday, 08 May, 2007]

I made a miracle of sleeping at 2am. It was all for the HDB first appointment which I would be facing the bastard Penis Seah. Since his attitude was ridiculous at times, I needed to catch more sleep in order to obtain the concentration to screw him back any time.

I waked up at 6am but continued to laze on the bed for another half an hour. My mum prepared milo and dumped biscuits inside, which was a dangerous thing because it used to play prank on my stomach every time. I realised I should have ordered half boiled eggs.

I took train to Toa Payoh as usual and reached by 8am. I knew for sure the buyers would be late. Fifteen minutes later, I went up to level two since JTC flats were only served there by six of the officers and the clients might have gone up there directly as indicated by the letter. Another fifteen minutes later, I saw someone who looked like Penis Seah at level one but I did not care about him for he could have called me when he could not find me and I did not want my number to appear in his phone.

I called Kelly to confirm if she was coming because she should be more experienced to face the bastard but she sounded like dying and told me she was having a headache. I was hoping she could also pass me Kaven’s documents as well and it was the second time she did not turn up. Since she had done a number of tasks, I could not blame her.

I called Penis Seah immediately and he claimed that I should meet him at counter A since all agents usually did that. I did not want to argue with him saying that we did not agree to meet up there, and thus I just told him I was going down to find him. We met up with his clients soon and proceeded to the room in a short while. During the process, the way he talked to me was surprisingly not arrogant. I was suspecting that it was because of the presence of his clients.

Anyway, it was a fast appointment for the clients were taking bank loan. I followed them to the ATM to collect the valuation report’s money and later, requested them for the commission cheque which they had prepared earlier. I offered to accompany them up to the law firm even though I was not sure if I was supposed to do so, but it was truly based on sincerity since their agents did not tag along. At least, I did manage to learn new things about the procedure and I met my objective of comparing the lawyers’ attitudes. I also got to chat with the clients and realised they were really nice people.

Kelly was asking me to get their contact numbers such that we could find out about the completion date since Penis Seah was not cooperative at all and would never tell us about it in order to make things difficult for us. However, it seemed not right to do to get contact numbers from co-broke agent’s clients even though Kelly claimed it was alright this time. Anyway, I told her they had to contact me in order to bring their contractors down to plan for the renovation as well as treating it as a final inspection. Basically, I seriously thought that we could have approached JTC for all the appointment dates, which they ought to assist us, instead of approaching buyers’ agents. I was really lost because all the while I listened to Kelly and she might not get all the correct information.

The lift’s button at the office was finally upgraded and I loved the luminous blue colour.

I took bus 153 to Bukit Merah Bus Interchange and went to the office. Winnie was away and I waited there quite long for her. James saw me and even passed some documents for me to pass to Winnie. The big boss, Andy Low, saw me and greeted me always.

I took bus 145 home and it was pretty crowded again. On the way, I received a call from Jingkun to ask me down to Clementi ITE to play volleyball. Since Weitat was going for reservice the next day, I decided to join them no matter what. Just after I rushed home and got changed, they informed me of a change of time. It was changed from 2pm to 2.30pm and finally at 3pm.

The delay of time was pretty good for me as Weitat called me after 2pm to check if I was at home and offered to drive me over since he was at Tampiness and was on the way. By the time he arrived at my place, we were already late. Since Mingfa was waiting for us since long ago, Jingkun was asking us to go down to Clementi to meet Mingfa immediately but in the end, we proceeded to fetch him.

We went to a coffee shop near the Clementi MRT, which they claimed was very famous for the western food. I paid $6 for my fish and chips and the fries tasted more salty as potato chips. It was after 4pm, we proceeded to Clementi ITE but realised Mingfa’ students had not set up the net yet.

I joined them to jog one round around the school campus which was a torture to my full stomach. I continued to play with them at the side of the court and during breaks, we went in to do spiking and I had difficulties stretching my body. Mingfa and Jingkun left at around 6pm. Weitat was offering to send me to Harbourfront Centre but Mingen told me to stay behind to accompany him. I knew it was meaningless to play with the girls but decided to stay. The girls played two matches against themselves and I was worried for Mingfa because they might not be able to bring him glory for the competition this year. We did not play any match after that and I was wasting my time around.

Mingen sent me to the T-junction and I walked very fast to the MRT station. I realised a few of Mingfa’s players were quite hardworking for they chose to walk instead of taking bus. After taking the train home, I went to jog. Even though I was tired, I managed to maintain a good timing like the previous time.

After that was catching up with my work and kissing the television set.

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