Get Things Done

[Monday, 30 April, 2007]

I went crazy again and stopped my designing work only at 7am. I ought to kill myself for it took so long for me to just mainly improve on the main layout and not the details.

My mum waked me up at 2pm and I resumed my web design again. This was a special day for I finally made effort to try to log into the NS Portal website.

Just as I was continuing with my work, Lijie called me to give me “lobang” again and we had a great chat. He was my buddy during my SAF driving days and I wanted to meet him out so much but he could not make it during the previous swimming outing. I could only use “F-ing good guy” to describe him.

I got messy during the evening when I tried hard to get people down for the beach outing and again I faced lots of rejections, which was enough to drown my spirit. I got to chat with John and I was glad that he would be going down to the beach with my male juniors as well. I was basically multi-tasking at a loss, not able to do anything well. Andrew called me to invite me over to his graduation ceremony from a course but it seemed weird; it seemed to be those confident-boosting or understand-yourself-well courses which I was not very keen on.

Before the camera shop closed, I quickly rushed down to get my XD card formatted. It was the second time the error appeared that my camera could not load nor format it. Luckily, I was not charged for that.

I spent the night troubleshooting for my property site because it appeared different in Firefox. I got so annoyed with my limited knowledge about the coding to fit into both Internet Explorer and Firefox, such that the site would appear similar for both. My brain cells were massacred and at the same time I was still organising the beach outing.

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