Give a Chance

How many of you have tasted the feeling of not able to spend your life with the one you love most?

I guess almost everyone is suffering the same fate, or perhaps, it is only those who truly know whom they want are cursed.

Human beings basically know when to move on. They can be tempted easily at times especially when they feel dejected and lonely. Sometimes they just foolishly think that someone else who seems better is able to help them forget the unhappiness; and only till their subconscious reach the maximum of tolerance, they realise they are wrong.

Should we move on since it is hopeless but should we not since we can never forget? Life is often so contradicting that we have to stumble and feel lost. I’m not a saint and I’m just a normal person like anyone of you; I never know what to do when it comes to things that I cherish a lot.

Life goes on no matter what and the earth would never stop rotating for anyone.

It is foolish to be afraid of failure but not repeating of failure. We never know when persistence will become irritation. You never know how much hurt does it impact from a rejection of a date. Should I let myself be torn into pieces such that everything would end instantly? Let fate not be cruel and cripple me bit by bit.

We do not know how long our lifespan are and I might not even pull through tomorrow. The only thing we can do now is to enjoy every moment of our lives and cherish all chances.

I have learnt my lessons and from then on I never waste a chance, how about you? Will you be giving others a chance or will you be giving yourself a chance?

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