I Got Home Early

[Tuesday, 15 May, 2007]

I only got to sleep at 4am and eventually waked up after noon. My right shoulder was numb upon waking up for somehow I did not sleep in proper position.

I received a SMS from Jianhao and eventually he got the SPH thing done. He sent me a scanned picture of some newspapers advertisements when I told him I was in a rush to go out. Suddenly he asked if I could design an advertisement in twenty minutes and I was so stunned that I said no immediately. I had been struggling with time management that inspiration had never visited me.

To: Qian Xu Ting

In appreciation of: being more than just a friend to me. We shall stay at the bestest friend ever.

Name: devin yandao

I left for Clementi ITE immediately. I was happy to see Andy, Kok Chiang and Mingen around as well but I was not used to having other outsiders playing together. When I tried to join in the fun, I felt really weird that I could not play properly. Then, I realised it was due to improper sleeping posture which had caused the numbness on my shoulder. My shoulder was strengthless and could never follow my heart.

Since Kok Chiang and Andy wanted to leave in the evening, I joined them for there was no room for us on the court. We went to the usual coffee shop and I had half spring chicken rice.

This was the earliest day that I got home from Clementi ITE before 10pm. The rest of the night was spent on my usual work.

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