I Got the Job

[Friday, 18 May, 2007]

I only managed to sleep at 4am but had to wake up early. After lazing around on the bed as usual instead of beginning work as planned, I managed to reach the company before 10am. Iris conducted the interview with me and it seemed more like a chit-chat session. She talked more than me to explain about the company’s vision and current situation, and all the questions prepared were not asked.

A thousand dollar

A hundred dollar

I went home to rest immediately. I frequented the bedroom often while doing my work and finally left for Toa Payoh before 3pm. I got there in less than half an hour and waited there while playing game. I met up with Rahman and Kelly before 4pm and when Mr Low was going to pass me the money, I was stunned. At first I saw that there were only ten-dollar notes and it was weird to hold over hundred pieces of them. Rahman did not bring the invoice despite I had reminded him severe times. Everything was settled fast for there was no loan. Kelly had a chat with me outside as I looked at my watch, anxious to make it to the office before 5pm since it was a Friday.

Just as I was leaving, I received a phone call from Iris and she told me the company had decided to employ me. I was taken aback. The fact was that I did not show any talent during the interviews except for my honesty.

I took bus 153 to Bukit Merah and gave a call to Winnie when I passed by Queensway Shopping Centre and she hurried me. I rushed up to the office after reaching the interchange but Winnie made me wait there as she left the office. It was good to see Louis again. I felt quite awkward holding the money and standing there for so long.

On the way home, I was busy coordinating time with David and Kaven for the office space. I began with my work at home and also did some calling for the beach outing.

Quek called me and told me that he was coming over to my place to a pub for someone’s birthday celebration. I was not feeling well and never had the intention to drink and thus I told him to call me when he was bored and we would meet up for coffee instead.

I was preparing to reformat my harddisk for it had been years since I last did it. It was so lag despite I had been scanning it with my anti virus, spyware remover and registry cleaning software often. There were also other major problems like restarting of system on the start-up and wrong labelling of system’s drive.

However, my elder brother advised me not to waste time to reformat it and then he told me to use the MindSoft Utilities XP software to check for problems. Since my ideal plan was to get a faster computer when I got the money and that the 933 MHz system would never improve much, I decided to take up my brother’s suggestion for the time being.

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