Life Is Getting Too Messed Up

We need a change soon probably because somehow this life is getting too messed up.

It is stupid if you cannot pick up your courage to talk to your ice candy when she is reachable just because she shows no time for you and you probably have no chance to convert your dream to reality. It does not matter how presentable you are but you can count yourself a failure when you lose out to some fatso in terms of getting near to her.

It will definitely take years to become successful in order to gain back the confidence to try your luck again. Are you yielding to reality? Do you wish to sit by and wait for someone to take her to tour the moon and that you would wish her happiness?

If you do not only live for love, work on others.

In order to progress, we have no choice but to forsake some stuff. Be it an interest or hobby, or be it your rice bowl, you have to make a decision; at least you get to choose this time whether which one to give up.

Have you been reading my lengthy paragraphs? Have you understood each of my deepest thoughts among the lines? Do you appreciate them?

Give me more time and I will sort things up.

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