Lost the Thrill

[Friday, 04 May, 2007]

I continued with my game which I started just before midnight. It was the very outdated Romance of The Three Kingdoms series 3 again. I played Liu Bei in year 2008 when the “Chi Pi Da Zhan” was supposed to occur. I did not want to decrease the number of my population in my capital and thus I did not recruit more soldiers. Cao Cao was already occupying the entire North East of China while I was only holding three cities.

During drama shows, the idols would threaten, “If my fans were to spit at you, you would probably be drowned.” – It was similar to my situation.

Even though I was playing historical mode and even volunteered to ally with Sun Quan, he revoked our alliance and attacked me at the east when he was supposed to entertain Cao Cao’s direct force since they had so many cities next to each other. Stupidly, he did not even try his best to send in his full force from two cities. At this point of time, Cao Cao moved his army towards south-west. His army was at least three times larger than mine and I almost thought I had to quit the game soon when a few of my generals were captured but I was victorious through playing of hide and seek and blocking of the four gates. After winning two very fierce battles when Cao Cao’s army was still much stronger than mine and I had to resort to draft new untrained soldiers, he moved his army to attack Sun Quan instead. From then on, I lost the thrill.

At 5am, I quitted playing and continued with my work. I tried to give Mingfa morning call at 6.30am amazingly but I could not get through. Half an hour later, I went to bed.

I waked up finally at 3pm. It was for the guilt of time wasted for playing game, I worked extra hard throughout the day. Carol continued to help me with my resume and sent it to her colleagues finally.

At around 8pm, I went for a jog before taking my dinner. This time round, I did not take to take too much drink as well and I did much better than the previous time.

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