Meeting for Hopeless Cases

[Monday, 07 May, 2007]

I slept at 4am and waked up at 9am before lazing on the bed. I managed to make it to office at 12pm sharp and waited for the meeting. It was quite pathetic for there were only five of us inclusive of James and Francis. They announced about the JTC flats, which were passed to two teams and they claimed that our company was doing rotating of “lobangs”. In fact, we might not get the JTC flats for the next batches. In the case of our small team, we might not get many flats since we had to split with other groups. When they talked about the student hostel, I was so disappointed and did not wish to be involved. I collected the cheque for Mingfa before taking bus 145 home, which was a wrong choice for it was crowded with students.

My mum got an electrician to replace the spoilt power switch inside the room and I was impressed that that guy did not turn off the main switch. I dozed off for some time before beginning my work. Just right after Mingfa was asking me about the photos taken during the beach outing, Mingen called me to ask for them as well. I was pretty unlucky for my elder brother somehow stayed at home whenever I was at home as well and thus I did not want to disturb him.

Tiffany was at Mingen’s house and they sent me their photos for me to resize and send them back to upload into Friendster. It was a very tough job for I was busy working on my sites and many video clips were opened and my system was moving like a snail and yet I had to open the Photoshop to do them the favour. Anyway, they looked nice together inside the photos.

When my mum got home, she started nagging that I did not on her rice cooker and I stopped her immediately by showing attitude. I was simply irritated for her instruction was not clear before leaving the house. She told me she could have forgotten to press the button behind the cooker and I checked the power was on and thus left it as it was. She could at least tell me she wanted to cook and not just keeping the food inside warm. In fact, she did come home after instructing me but she did not bother to check it. This proved the communication disability between both of us.

The television shows caught me but I managed to continue with my work at the same time, at a slower pace. I was so motivated to sleep early but was distracted by a stranger who added me in MSN.

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