Met Felicia Chin at Ichiban Boshi

[Tuesday, 29 May, 2007]

Being sad brought me to bed early as usual. I dozed off in disappointments as early as before 2am. I waked up at 7.45am to continue with updating of my websites.

Most of them were late for work as usual but I supposed they did it on purpose because they did not want to leave at 6pm and squeeze with the working people on train. I began working right after stepping into the office in order to cover up for my slowness as a beginner.

Right outside my department’s room

Clearer view of the floor after the old carpet was removed

New extended space

Work was filling my time in my new job and I supposed it would be terrible very soon. After all, the nice people would probably make my days better. The changing of new carpets gave excitements. Even though the moodiness was still suffocating me on my chest, I did not show it on my face and even tried to crap around.

The view


We went out for lunch at Ichiban Boshi at the Esplanade. The six of us – Sheila, Liza, Niza, Carol, Eugene and I – took two cabs to go over. I had a set of Chicken Katsudon and Eugene had a much bigger feast even though he was complaining about having to spend more money. Anyway, I guessed he was from a quite well-to-do family. One of the waitresses looked like Felicia Chin and they started teasing me when I announced it as a joke like as if I was interested. Her name was Sophia and before we left the place, I turned to her and asked her if she had a sister by the name of Felicia Chin, which placed smiles on her face.

It was a long lunch and actually I was quite worried. We had problems flagging for cabs on the way home and bus 97 refused to come to our aid. “Felicia Chin” took a cab in front of the taxi stand and one of them told me she had turned back to smile at us. Alas, we still managed to grab two cabs at one go and finally got back to the office. I was told that the big boss was inside our room and I hoped nobody had badmouthed us for going back late.

Work was getting more terrible with stuffs being introduced; but since Sheila and Liza had been coping with them well, I was sure that I would certainly survive, but perhaps with mistakes made. Sheila came over to my system to teach me about the various projects. Using my logged in account, she sent quite a number of emails to push people for replies. I felt very weird and uneasy for it was totally not my style of messaging. When she tried to impress others in my place, I felt so stressed for I was afraid the recipients would misunderstand that I was already very well versed in my entire job scope.

After work, I had a jog with Carol, Kimmy, Teng Teng and Ping Ping towards Marina South. Even though I stayed so near, I rarely went over and thus, I almost thought I would lose my way; besides I was not sure which exact route they were taking. I followed Kimmy at the start until I decided to push myself harder and soon, lost track of her. Luckily I was bright enough to judge the distance and stopped at a junction for them, where it was just a hundred metres away from the actual point. I already very tired but the girls thought I was really that fit. However, I managed to jog my way back and waited for them near the KTV for nearly ten minutes.

When we got back to office, Liza, Sheila, Brian and Niza were still around. Niza had already scanned her impressive drawing and was adding colours to the soft copy using Photoshop and Flash. I felt very guilty to leave Liza behind at first since she was my partner and we were supposed to share our workload. It was until at night, I recalled that she was not there very early and it could be her plan to compensate to the company.

Work continued to haunt me.

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