New Challengers at Clementi ITE

[Saturday, 05 May, 2007]

I had Condition Zero with my brother again and started into work after that before sleeping at 5.30am.

Jingkun waked me up at 1pm and I continued with my work. One of my aunts called me to give me “lobang” to sell a landed property but later I realised she wanted to work with me and that the owner had already engaged a few agents to do it. I felt ridiculous for everyone thought he or she could easily be an agent. That was how bad the reputation was.

I was full of ideas before leaving my house until boarding the train. How I wished I could have extra time to jot down and to process my ideas.

After reaching Clementi, I went to buy a packet of red bean bun and later, Jingkun told me the Bangawan Solo shop was selling everything very expensive. I walked to Clementi ITE as usual. There were newcomers and a few of them looked sissy. We accidentally hit their ball up to the roof of the control room and later, one of them climbed up immediately and started screwing Jingkun up until Jingkun explained to him that we always climbed up at the end of the day. That guy could have used a bit of his brain if he had any, for the balls went up easily and it was waste of energy to go up each time when we had a big cage full of balls available.

We began playing matches soon. I did not have much feel of the ball but it seemed that we were too strong with only Kok Chiang, Tony, Mingfa, Jingkun, Euegue and Mingen. Soon, we started to get bored and played lightly. We lost a match to the old men by very close margin and won the rest.

While showering, Mingen was complaining about a western food stall at a Kopi Tiam near Cineleisure. They gave wrong order and even extorted money like charging seven bucks for just a plate of chicken chop rice, which was different price from his friend’s. I was wondering which Ah Beng was running the stall and how they could survive after cheating so many customers.

We went to the usual Clementi’s coffee shop. Kok Chiang and Tony took Mingen’s car, whereby Mingfa, Jingkun and I took bus over. I had chicken chop as usual and it tasted good this time. Later on, I took train with Kok Chiang home and continued with my usual website life.

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