Second Day of Work

[Thursday, 24 May, 2007]

I was struggling with my websites until around 3.30am and finally got to sleep.

I waked up before 8am to continue with my work and managed to reach my new office before 9am. Work resumed when the office was still almost empty.

Lunch was together with the guys in other department whereas the girls over my side had prepared their own food to dine inside the office. It would be good if I could do that as well since I was lazy to go out to buy food. In another point of view, going out to have dinner was taking a break from the office. I was together with Han Seng and the intern guy most of the time. Sadly, I still could not differentiate the Indians.

It was a boring afternoon. I was finally tasked to handle client’s request for the S-league website but it was not a fun thing when my mailbox was flooded badly by the system. Maybe it was really a good experience so that I could become a good forum administer in future.

I spent of my time on transferring texts from existing website to the new development site, which seemed to take forever. It was a dead boring job but perhaps, suited me so well since I was a hardcore work-hard-but-not-smart person. At least I got to learn the trend of the design of other web designers since I was always too busy to explore by myself at home.

I went home at around 6.30pm. Working longer than the required hours did not irritate me like before when I was in the army. I hoped it was not because I was new that I did not mind it. I did a lot of recalls and started to compare the army days and my current work – there were obvious reasons why I was willing to sacrifice more.

When I was first posted back to Signal Institute after my Signaller course during my army days, I did not mind staying back often until I realised everyone was actually finding excuses to push the jobs around. I felt disgusted to sacrifice for people who did not worth it and soon I started to retaliate, though my effort was concealed by my honesty and kindness, and also, their cunningness. Perhaps, it was a bad trend which could never be reverted.

As far as for I know, my current colleagues are nice people who care for each other and so far my upper managements treat me with respect. This is the biggest cause to motivate me. Obviously, the pay is much higher than the pathetic army’s pay (allowance) and I suppose my work would be recognised and rewarded in future, unlike during army days as a NSF. The last fact is that it takes around ten minutes to travel between my current office and my home, which allows me to cut down on time lost.

I started working upon reaching home. I wanted to go for a jog but somehow timing for the television and my dinner were not suitable.

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