Seeking Help from David

[Thursday, 03 May, 2007]

I managed to get to sleep at around 5am and my mum waked me up after 1pm. I was preparing for volleyball at Clementi ITE and it started to rain. My stomach started giving me problems as well and at first I thought I would be just late for the volleyball until Mingfa reminded me that he would leave at 7pm sharp. I was only preparing to practise on my basic skill but I realised it would take a few hours for my stomach to fully recover and by then it would be time to go home; it was not worth it to go down.

At the same time, I called David as he did not reply my SMS the previous day. He told me he did not know that was from me and he was in a meeting. I was in a tight position for I had to help Kaven find an office and David was the “professor” in rental. I did not mind passing Kaven his contact because I believed in satisfying the client’s needs more than what I could benefit from.

I started a blog to host all the interesting videos weeks ago but only till this day, I pushed myself to proceed with it. I was not sure how long I could maintain sustaining the daily update of all my sites but I would continue until I could find a bigger bronze goose that could lay better eggs for me, or perhaps, silver and finally a gold one. Meanwhile this new baby, Interesting Video Clips, could be linked at

Television was a huge distraction. David did not call me back as he promised and until late night, I gave him another call because I promised Kaven to give him a reply by the night. I was pretty worried when David told me he was not free as well at 10pm but he called me back almost an hour later. He was finding office space for other clients as well and it was “just nice” I supposed. I sought his permission to give Kaven his number but he preferred to work together with me, which proved me right that he was an honest guy who did not want to take advantage of anyone. The reason why I trusted him so much was because he was capable enough to hold three diplomats and was a part time lecturer in Ngee Ann Polytechnic as well, which showed that he was a respectable man who loved to impart knowledge to people.

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