Sichun’s Cookie Baking at Mrs Ng’s House

[Monday, 21 May, 2007]

I worked till 3am and gave up for I was nodding badly. I got up at 8am to check email. There was no reply from Iris and my plan to go earlier to the company to sign contract gone with the wind. At around 10.30am, I went over to Lippo Centre but I was told by Kimmy that Iris was on medical leave. She gave a call to Iris and Iris told me to go over to the company on Wednesday to report for work as well as to sign the contract.

I went home and took a panadols before going down to UOB bank to open a saving account. My POSBank account was almost drained after withdrawing the money from there and I had to open my old red packets to top up the money for the new account. There was only a person queuing in front of me but I waited for very long before getting to talk to Miss Foo. I got myself a Visa so that I could purchase stuffs online, mainly for my website invasion.

I had to go back home to put the documents before finding my mum for lunch. Her friend treated us and I felt uncomfortable. After that, we went to NTUC to get Raisim for Sichun and I took train to Clementi instead of bus 196, which I had to walk further but timing was shorter. When I first got into the train, Ricia from MediaCorp called me and asked me down the next day. It was a good opportunity not to be wasted and thus I accepted it, despite I had promised Kailin a week ago that I would be free to go out with her while she was on off. I felt guilty because on the last day of her short holidays, I had to begin my full time job.

Child abuse

The dog

Love Cookies

Petting the dog

Unattentive babysitter


Living happily ever after

After reaching Mrs Ng’s house, I started playing with the dog and my camera. Sichun, Huimin and Pamela were already there. After some time, I dozed off on the sofa when the effect of the panadols started to work on me. Upon waking up, I received bad news from Sichun that the girl who he was making the cookies for did not want to meet him up. I was a greater failure and thus had nothing much to advise him on.

As we left the place, I called Miss Lee to see if I could collect the keys for Ang Mo Kio from her since I could reach JTC Submit within fifteen minutes and I probably would not have the time to do it again for I had to work during weekdays. She told me it was too early to collect since the completion date was still far away.

I took bus 196 home and started working for the rest of the day.

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