Swim and Shop with Gilbert and Jesslin

[Saturday, 26 May, 2007]

In order to compensate for the earlier wastage of time due to my slowness, I worked hard and only went to sleep at 5.30am. It was difficult to drag myself up at 9am and I was almost late. I reached Ang Mo Kio MRT station by 11am to meet up with Gilbert.

We went to the swimming pool and swam eleven laps with long intervals. Jesslin finally arrived and she continued to swim twelve laps and each time, only stopped to exchange a few sentences with us; she showed no sign of panting. Upon seeing Jesslin’s effort, I was so motivated but the long rest and cold weather caused a cramp on my toe that I did not dare to exert strength. However, Gilbert and I managed to cover another nine laps before we rested and left the pool.

Just as I checked my phone, I saw the message from Mingfa telling me that the volleyball game at night was cancelled due to insufficient players and I was quite disappointed for I had brought along all my gears, causing the heaviness. I took two slices of bread while waiting for Jesslin, which I regretted but I did not want to waste the food that my mum had prepared for me for the previous day.

Gilberto enjoying his food at “Wow! Noodle” at AMK Hub

We went to Ang Mo Kio Hub and had our lunch at “Wow! Noodle”. I stupidly ordered the chicken chop with fried rice and I hated the gravy. However, the chicken chop slices, looked more like chicken cutlet, tasted like twisties, which was kind of special. Gilbert had noodle and burger and he was very satisfied. I could not finish my share of food and felt very guilty. I felt so bloated the entire day and I suspected something was wrong with my digestive system.

Ceiling of the G2000 Shop


We went on to shop around but Gilbert was more interested to find a G2000 shop and thus we went to Orchard soon. We began walking around Wisma, Takashimaya and followed by Robinson. There were a number of clothes which I quite adored but I knew my wardrobe was still in a mess with quite a number of new clothes wrapped. I was unfortunate overwhelmed with the tiredness and sleepiness that wherever we went, I would ask for the shoes department – available seats. I even suggested going to the furniture shop – to try out their beds.

At Plaza Singapura

At Dhoby Ghaut MRT station

Our last stop was Plaza Singapura and I was quite impressed with myself that I could walk so far in my condition. A stop-by at the MacDonald’s almost ended our day but I was unable to take in food. Gilbert was kind enough to help me get a cup of tea but there was no steam coming out of the water and the packets of sugar and cream obviously could not be melted. Both of us were okay with it but Jesslin was so nice that she immediately took it and got it changed, but sadly, the replaced one was not really hot enough as well. I was craving for the double filet-o-fish, felt so disappointed that I could not eat any food until they told me there was no double filet-o-fish anymore. We did a short final shopping before going home.

I tried to register for the beach competition but I was stunned to realise they would only allow cheque or credit card payment. I was not sure if they would allow me to register using my mum’s name since she was a NTUC member.

Keyi and Weiwen messaged me to chat in MSN, which was very rare. Alas, I dozed off but managed to wake up before 10.30pm.

I remembered I had not had my dinner and started to cook instant noodle. When the water was almost boiled and the noodle was almost cooked, I realised I could have added in sausage and crab meat. However, I did not defrost them and threw them into the same bowl without even washing them. I had to let the noodle continue to be heated up with the new ingredients. Finally, I made a little mess while breaking the egg.

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