The Killer Phone

[Monday, 14 May, 2007]

I was trying so hard to be a good boy that I was going to bed early at 2am. Just as I was switching off the light at the living room, there was a blown sound and the kitchen was in total darkness. My elder brother called out from the toilet, telling me he was still inside and asking me why I switched off the light.

I thought I can have a good rest for a day and be ready and energetic to finish up my work, but fate played on me. I was waked up by numerous calls and eventually got up before noon. Ten hours of sleep, in fact lesser than that, was actually more than sufficient to everyone but talking about sleep debt, I needed to sleep much more than that. All intelligent human being should know that the required eight hours of sleep per day should be undisturbed one. The phone calls had made me so tired.

I managed to upload photos from the camera and phone into the computer finally for my brother was not at all. Carol and Kaven messaged me and took my time for some serious stuffs as well as causal chats.

Jianhao’s numerous SMS and calls almost drove me crazy. He wanted me to get an account in SPH so that we could post advertisement soon. Months ago, Kelly promised to get them to send Mingfa and me the registration forms but somehow she did not do it. I called Deslyn and the operator told me that she would get Deslyn to call me back. After waiting for a few hours, she got back to me and told me she knew totally nothing about how to register an account under my company’s name. I was so lost for a moment and thus I called James who told me to call him back in five minutes’ time while he checked the exact code. Afterwards, he told me he could not confirm it and I had to play with luck then. I called Ai Lian as instructed by James but again the operator told me she would get back to me, which she did not.

Douglas called me in the evening and we had a fourteen minutes’ chat. I could not really explain why I hated working in the property line for he had actually dialled wrong number and I did not want to bother him too much. I would love to sit down and have a chat with him face to face one day. After all, I guessed I had not followed the right person at the start and everything led me to very bad impression of the line. I was working more than what I deserved and I supposed nobody would understand the shit I had faced and the extra shit I had done for all the past few months. Even Mingfa could never understand nor feel the stress for I was running the errands most of the time, meaninglessly.

The calls by Kelly smashed my brain. I was losing my usual patience nowadays. She seemed to be repeating words again and again, and even instructed me to tell Mingfa things that she had already told him. When she told me to coordinate with the crooked agent, Vincent, I felt like being forced to the edge of a building. I could be a soft guy and never would use my fists to revenge on badass, but he would never be pardoned by my public criticism. Working with such disgusting guy would bring my integrity down.

The thought that I had actually wasted the entire afternoon which I wanted to buck up on all the outdated blog entries and photos made me feel so sick.

It was six days to the next Sunday and I thought I would be early to ask everyone to the beach. I tried asking a few of those who were online but the feedback was not very good. When I was asking Xinyi if she was free to join us, she was already booked for school project. Then, she sent me a poster to ask me to help her with the wordings. After looking at it for more than fifteen minutes, I could not find anything amiss about it.

Finally, I was able to have my jog. After the past two days’ tedious workout, my legs could hardly move. Like usual, I did not control my breathing well after a few rounds but managed to get almost the same timing as the previous time, which was good enough.

Kaven had called me during my jog and I tried to get back to him upon checking my phone but I could not get through his line. He called me back when my sweat had dried up and was ready for my bath. We got to discuss about some important stuffs at first and he explained to me that it was the sellers asking him to push the completion date earlier so that they could get the money faster and it was duly fair for Kaven to request them to move out earlier even though he had promised to let them stay one month after completion. In fact, their new house at Redhill should be ready soon if they did not make the contractor redo some of the renovation.

As I was chatting with Ying Ying about beach volleyball, I tried to persuade Tze Khit to join us. He was the tallest among my team ever since Robin had already drifted far away from us. He had the height for beach volleyball and he would definitely pose fears and dangers to opponents with his spiking, which none of us could do it. He had played beach volleyball for only a couple of times and could not get used to jumping on the sand and thus did not do as well as on normal courts. He did not try to get the feel and gave up. In reality, I should be the one refusing to play on sand since I was more than twenty centimetres shorter than him; if his spiking was considered bad, mine would be considered hopeless.

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