The Sunday’s Beach before Competition

[Sunday, 06 May, 2007]

Working till 5.30am, I managed to crawl out of bed at 9am. My mum had prepared half boiled eggs for me again but it was overcooked like the previous. I had three small “bao”, which had filled my stomach. Finally, I could not finish even half of the green and red bean tasteless soup. Doramon cartoon was nice.

I went to Vivocity’s Rip Curl to wait for Mingfa and it took only ten minutes from the bus-stop. Mingfa and Tiffany bought their beach shorts there and later, we proceeded to the Banquet at the basement. A pair of couple was leaving the place and dropped a cup of drinks. When the cleaner came over, an old auntie let off an “AIYO” sound like as if the cleaner had spilled it. That was retarded for she should have done it to the culprit instead. Just as Mingen and Tiffany got over, telling us to switch over to the other side where they were selling non halai food, the cleaner nagged at Tony in dialect, saying we did not push the chairs in. Obviously we knew our manners and had already done that and I was so disgusted with the place. Both the customers and staffs there were escapees from Woodbridge hospital.

Carpark at Vivo City

Throwing ice cubes into the ice box.

With helps…

At the car boot

The view at my back

Looking at the front

After they finished their meals, we went to the 7-11 store to get ice cubes and drinks. Each packet of ice cost over four bucks. Afterwards, we squeezed everything into Mingen’s car and I had an awkward trip at the back.

Couple’s sweetness

She turned him softer and softer

We went to Siloso beach straight away and the sun was burning hot at the noon time. I watched them play outside the two courts at first and when I was ready to warm up, we finally got to play inside one of the courts. Mingen, Tony and Kok Chiang were playing in the front row with Mingfa as the setter while I stayed at the back row all alone. Basically the opponents were matchless against us and we won games after games. There were long queues and we were drained by the lovely sun and finally lost to a team of experienced players.

After that, we started slacking around. Tony, Kok Chiang, Apple, Tiffany and I even sat on the sand to pass the ball around and the person who made the ball hit the centre would have to row on the sand. However, none of us fell to the mishap despite all the plotting. We got to play the final game but we did not do well.

We went to the pub to bathe and the shower was nice. Kok Chiang left by his own while Apple joined her friend. The rest of us took Mingen’s car to Vivocity. It was then I realised they had a Burger King fast food restaurant there. Wilson arrived while we were queuing up. There was a very sweet girl in green and I sat at the direction just nice to enjoy the show.

Night at Vivo City

Mingfa, Wilson, Me, Mingen, Tiffany

The four guys

The three ex guys of Clementi Town Secondary

We walked around after that and finally, we camped near the sea and took some photos. Then, they went for their movie while I left for home by myself.

While I was trying to catch up with my work, I happened to see Mingli’s MSN nick and I thought she had broken her leg. After messaging her, I found out she only needed some twisting perhaps. I dozed off in a while but waked up again in one or two hours’ time.

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